Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Dr.Web’s anti-virus sword and shield: The first and second lines of defense for your computer

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Our readers and many other users worldwide already know about the Russian anti-virus security company Doctor Web, whose Dr.Web solutions protect all types of hosts—from desktops and laptops to Internet gateways. Today we’re going to talk at length about two products from the company’s Dr.Web product line for home use. Dr.Web Security Space offers the ultimate in anti-virus protection for PCs and Android-powered devices, while Dr.Web KATANA is designed to supplement another developer’s anti-virus and act as an insurance policy in situations when the primary anti-virus solution is unable to detect a certain threat. 

Dr.Web Security Space is an indispensable security solution that will keep your PC protected from all types of Internet threats and provide free protection for Android!

These days, virtually all users face the risk of malware infection (especially when it comes to dealing with encryption ransomware), online scams and bogus websites. The goal pursued by attackers remain unchanged—their victims’ money. 

How can users avoid the traps that cybercriminals set for them on the Internet? In addition to being careful and vigilant while surfing the Web, having a reliable anti-virus is critical.  Dr.Web Security Space is a comprehensive anti-virus solution created by Doctor Web to protect PCs from all types of Internet threats.

What are its key features?

  • It will thwart any attempts to steal your payment information, prevent banking and ransomware trojans from being launched on your computer, sift out phishing emails and block access to bogus sites.
  • It will prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in your applications and monitor behaviour of each running application in real time.
  • It will protect your data from modification, deletion and theft, and prevent encryption ransomware from being started in your system,
  • It will stop attackers from tethering your computer to a botnet, prevent them from using your system’s hardware for bitcoin mining, and by blocking access to your webcam and microphone, it won’t allow intruders to spy on you.
  • It will ensure that your children enjoy danger-free Web surfing and are never exposed to objectionable content, and it will help your kids be more productive with their computer.
  • It will keep your Android device protected free of charge.

Let’s also examine what advantages Dr.Web can offer when it comes to protecting Android-powered devices.

Here is what Dr.Web is good at:

  • Provides reliable protection against all types of malware that targets mobile devices.
  • Controls application network activity.
  • Wards off unwanted calls and SMS messages.
  • Blocks access to unwanted sites.
  • Helps locate a mobile device if it has been lost or stolen, and, if necessary, wipes confidential information from it remotely.
  • Troubleshoots the device to identify security problems and offers solutions to address them.
  • Prevents children from stumbling onto unwanted webpages and using applications their parents don’t want them to, and protects its settings to keep the imposed restrictions in place.

And here is another important point in Dr.Web’s favour: the number of Android devices that can be protected under a Dr.Web Security Space license equals the number of desktops and laptops being protected. For example, should you purchase a license for 2 PCs, you will also be able to protect two mobile devices under the same license, meaning that Dr.Web will maintain the anti-virus security of 4 devices simultaneously!

Dr.Web KATANA — a second line of defense for your computer

We should always remember that no anti-virus can detect each and every malicious program in existence.  So enhancing your system’s anti-virus security even further is never a bad idea. Doctor Web recommends that a conventional anti-virus security solution be assisted by an auxiliary security tool that has been specially designed to facilitate preventive protection and maintain low memory and CPU usage.

Dr.Web KATANA fulfils this role perfectly. This non-signature-based anti-virus  provides preventive protection against the latest active threats, targeted attacks, and infiltration attempts that take advantage of zero-day and other vulnerabilities.  With no malware definitions at its disposal, it performs well while maintaining low CPU and memory usage. Dr.Web KATANA analyses the behaviour of each running program in real time and checks them against Dr.Web cloud reputation data, which is continuously updated. The anti-virus takes advantage of constantly updated malware behavioural data to determine whether a program is dangerous and then takes whatever measures are necessary to neutralise the threat.

Dr.Web KATANA is fully automated and doesn’t interfere with the user experience. All you need to do is install it and Dr.Web will take care of the rest by blocking discovered threats and displaying the corresponding notifications. However, you can also finetune the “katana” for your specific needs.

To sum things up, Dr.Web KATANA’s key advantages are:

  • Running two solutions from different anti-virus companies on the same computer is in itself beneficial. With two different sets of technologies at your disposal, you will have a higher chance of at least one of them neutralising a brand-new threat.
  • Dr.Web KATANA keeps the lowest profile possible and boasts very low CPU and memory usage.
  • Preventive protection technologies complement the security features of a conventional anti-virus.
  • Dr.Web KATANA is compatible with anti-virus solutions from TrendMicro, Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee, ESET, etc.

The Dr.Web product line for home use includes a reliable shield for deflecting hacker and scammer attacks and a sharp sword that will help save the day if your anti-virus fails.

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