Wednesday, August 17, 2022

AI Makes It Simple for Businesses to Provide Superior Customer Service

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In the last decade, both Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have significantly impacted every major commerce. It has become practically essential for businesses to use this technology as it helps them compete in the market. As a result, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a vital component of economic success. According to forecasts, AI will increase productivity by 40% by 2035, with customer service, data configuration and analysis, communication, market research and others being the processes managed by the artificial brain.

The outbreak of the global Covid-19 pandemic impacted the development and investment in ventures across sectors. The shift towards more digital and efficient services paved the way in the industry. While the tech was already present in the market, the transition saw a boom like never before with AI and machine learning making their way into businesses’ core functioning. 

Impact of Covid-19

Since COVID-19, client conduct has changed decisively. To get by, organizations need to adjust by speeding up client support drifts that, as of now, exist.

Client care is a significant driver of consumer loyalty and reliability. As per HubSpot, 93% of buyers are bound to buy again from brands with excellent client care. Furthermore, 51% of clients could never work with an organization after only one negative insight.

Amid the pandemic, client assistance has become more significant than in recent memory. From contactless commitment to the personalization of client encounters, this questionable circumstance speeds up many patterns that have previously existed in client care.

The pandemic also expedited the implementation of artificial intelligence in enterprises. The customer service department has witnessed the changing elements in the core functioning of the organization. It required the executives to respond quickly to changing circumstances, which made the development of AI-based approaches and analytics faster. Thus, organizations have benefited through automation.

It is important to note that businesses that use AI in their operations have greater access to new ideas, which leads to improved results through better decision-making. This is being made possible by focusing on speedy business expansion, stronger customer interactions, faster fraud detection, and other critical categories.

AI in Communication

According to a recent Gartner survey, 55% of established businesses have begun investing in AI by 2020. Providing exceptional customer service has never been more important for organizations. As a result, companies deploy AI-powered digital solutions to improve customer service operations to keep ahead of the competition. Let’s look at how artificial intelligence can help your business provide superior customer service.

Customers can now use sophisticated systems powered by automated solutions for banking, booking hotel rooms and more. Thanks to artificial intelligence-powered automation, customer service is gaining popularity.

Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing

The two fundamental capacities of AI are fascinating features. A powerful computing system that churns a vast amount of data to learn from it is machine learning. Everyday AI machine learning processes include Facebook Messenger, request suggestions, and spam folders.

Natural language processing, which can regularly analyze and comprehend spoken and written messages, helps you communicate with AI software regularly. The best instances of advanced NLP include Siri, Cortana, and Alexa.

AI for customer service will make self-service interfaces more intuitive and economical. The intelligence will help anticipate customer needs by learning from their contexts, previous chat history and preferences. Moreover, AI integrated system will capture infinite online data to help facilitate:

  • data analysis
  • customer behavior patterns
  • suggestive algorithms
  • automation
  • real-time support (FAQs, help blogs, reports)
  • customer abandonment and complaints.

The Take Aways

When AI is constantly advancing, and business expansion is becoming easier and quicker, not adapting to the new age of technology will cost far more than the actual value of the services.

More AI-powered apps for boosting customer service solutions are anticipated to emerge. Food, travel, banking, retail, aviation, and clothes are prominent businesses that use artificial intelligence in customer service.  Implying adaptation is key and the need of the hour.

AI will continue to impact business communications as technology becomes more accessible and integrated into the workplace. However, it’s crucial to remember that we retain control despite AI’s powers. While AI aids in the mitigation of human effort by taking over tedious and time-consuming tasks, it also encourages innovation, business expansion, international brand communication and recognition.

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Mr. Vidhu Nautiyal, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, CloudConnect Communications Pvt. Ltd.


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