Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Zyxel Nebula Cloud Networking Solution

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Nebula Cloud Networking Solution

Nebula Cloud Networking solution allows you to control and manage Zyxel’s native and compatible Nebula access points, switches, and gateways, all from one place with ease.

Easy Installation & Configuration

It is very easy to add your devices to the Nebula Cloud. Just scan the QR code with your Nebula Mobile App. With the cloud-based Nebula Control Center (NCC), you are able to manage and monitor all your devices remotely at any time. The dashboard provides an overview of your device status, including APs. Switches and gateways. It shows the number of clients that connect to the AP, and the amount of PoE power consumed on the switch.


You can also view the network traffic in real-time by individual applications. You’d receive a notification email from Nebula automatically, in case a device goes offline or settings are changed, so you can check your device in time no matter where you are.


  1. First Time Start-up Wizard
  2. Smart Engine
  3. Functionality Enhancements
  4. Up and Running in Minutes
  5. Pre-Configure Without Unboxing
  6. Zero Touch Provisioning Seamlessly Integrate With Any Existing Network:


Building & Managing Multi-Site Networks with Ease

As a business grows, IT has to grow. When a company expands from one location to multiple sites, its IT department has to respond with a viable solution. When it comes to setting up and managing hundreds or sometimes even thousands of sites, automation is the key. Using automated tools to build and manage multiple networks will most certainly improve efficiency and alleviate the workload, saving both time and money for businesses.

Site Cloning

Switch Cloning

Backup & Restore

Switch Backup

Keeping Your Networks Updated & Synchronized


Nebula Security Service (NSS) Analysis Report Provides Useful Insights for Better Policy Management and Network Protection

The NSS Analysis Report is a newly-developed advanced reporting feature in NSS-SP, using the same UTM approach for network security management. Unlike many other UTM vendors only covering the security functionality on a box/appliance, the NSS Analysis Report integrates a wide range of security visibility features together in a single Nebula’s cloud-interface to further offer SIEM capability. The NSS Analysis Report provides a beneficial summary of the network activities including application patrol, content filtering, and anti-virus, without an expensive upgrade to SIEM or third-party security management. It not only allows IT, administrators, to understand the network user behaviors to better manage bandwidth usage and boost employee productivity but also helps to get a clear understanding of the statistics of blocked malware and unwanted/botnet web sites.

Ground-breaking wireless health monitor detects and fixes wireless network problems

Knowing your wireless network performance may be good enough. Nebula wireless health goes above and beyond than competitive offerings to simplify root cause analysis of the connected AP devices, enabling the IT team to simply monitor, detect, and fix connection issues in a single pane of glass.

Nebula wireless health goes above and beyond competitive offerings, which typically do little more than summarize AP performance. Nebula works behind the scene to actually resolve the underlying problems. The AP and client status illustrations provide an overview for IT, administrators, to understand the condition of the wireless network and the auto-optimization feature helps you solve the connection issues without actually being onsite for troubleshooting, which will certainly help businesses save more time and money.

Advanced IGMP and IPTV Reports

Nebula Professional Pack is a great convenience for IPTV applications. Delicately designed for IGMP’s granular setting with the recommendation for the IGMP port setting, it can greatly expedite the setup process and bring your IPTV network up and running within minutes. The IPTV report provides the essential channel and user information which can ease the effort to monitor IPTV network performance. This report can also become handy in the time of making critical business decisions on channel subscription investment. The Nebula can be a strong value proposition to hotel owners and service providers for IPTV projects.

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