PLANET has been focusing on the innovations of the transmission-based network technologies...

PLANET has been focusing on the innovations of the transmission-based network technologies and devices


Based out of Taiwan, PLANET Technology Corporation is a global provider of IP-based networking products and solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and network infrastructures of IoT, IIoT and IoV applications under their brand name PLANET. Ms. Venus Fang, Regional Manager at PLANET Technology Corp, shares their brand’s product portfolio, company philosophy, and their strategies and future plans for the global and Indian markets.

Q. Please brief us about your product portfolio and operations?

PLANET is a global brand focusing on network Infrastructure solutions and provides a wide range of comprehensive IP-based Networking Infrastructure Solutions both of the commercial and industrial grade. The company’s main innovations include Network Management Systems, Industrial Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, network switches, fiber-optic devices and more to meet the demands of enterprises, factories, transportation, government, communities, etc for 5G connectivity, IoT, IIoT and a variety of intelligent network deployments.

Q. What are the key milestones of PLANET?

PLANET has been focusing on the innovations of the transmission-based network technologies and devices since it was established in 1993 (and went public in 2003). Europe has been one of our biggest and important markets, which elevated our reputation as a global brand. We export a wide range of high-quality networking products to the global ICT markets through our worldwide distribution channels spread across 140 countries. PLANET’s products have been adopted and affirmed by global enterprises, defense, education, finance, medical and other institutions, such as the Chilean Miner Rescue Operation in 2010, the Peninsula Hotel System in Asia, Kuala Lumpur Airport in Malaysia, the British School of Sport and various government agencies.

Committed to motto ‘Shaping Future Networking,’ PLANET will continue to be at the forefront of shaping the future by providing innovative networking solutions to seamlessly intelligent, user-friendly and sustainable network applications.

Q. How environment is of importance to PLANET? Explain it?

PLANET has been granted the first place for the ‘2021 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award’, sponsored by Commonwealth Magazine, an influential business media in Taiwan. In response to the climate change issues, PLANET targets to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 so as to protect the environment. For the network product innovation, the company’s world’s first renewable energy network management system (NMS-360V Series) utilizes the natural power resources to help eliminate carbon emissions in remote network applications. Besides improving its green supply chain, the company has implemented various activities such as funding the organic tea farms, one vegan day a week, sourcing renewable electricity, and recycling the reusable materials, aimed at reducing the carbon emissions and greenhouse effect.

Q. Brief us about the recognitions PLANET has won so far?

PLANET Renewable Energy Management Controller (NMS-360V) has earned the company the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award and 2021 Computex Best Choice Award. It is the world’s first controller that integrates green technology and exclusive intelligent PoE management functions to provide users with real-time management over renewable energy usage and connected PD operation status.  The NMS-360V can manage up to 512 PLANET BSP-360 Renewable Energy PoE Managed Switches and 2048 IP Cameras to enhance the management efficiency of remote networks. With its user-friendly intuitive touch LCD panel, administrators are able to remotely monitor networks powered by solar or any other renewable energy system from anywhere and to control the data transmission and power usage of connected PDs. The innovative and user-friendly management design of PLANET NMS-360V enhances the performance of green power networks, remote communications and network infrastructures of IoT, IIoT and IoV applications. This can also be the best solution to establish remote medical center networks, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and help people stay safe.

Q. What scope do you see in comprehensive networking transmission solutions in India?

India is among the top 5 economic entities in the world with high development potential for industrial manufacturing and smart network applications. In response to India’s commitment to the development of infrastructure, PLANET introduces a full range of high-end network infrastructure technologies through participation in ‘Taiwan Expo in India’ and local distributions. Lastly, many of our Indian customers are working on projects for public transportation (ITS), ISP, factory automation, off-grid industry and more, all of them require not only fast and stable data transmission but strict information security. PLANET is the right choice as it provides various solutions with advanced security protection, high-speed transmission, and solid and water-proof cases for different demands when implementing a network infrastructure. Regardless if it is government or public construction, FTTx or corporate networks, the solutions can be easily deployed through PLANET’s high-power network and smart PoE power management, ultra-high-speed optical fiber, wireless transmission, and user-friendly cloud-based network management design to meet industrial automation, intelligent transportation and IIoT applications.

Q. What are PLANET’s future plans?

PLANET is dedicated to shaping the future of networking by providing various innovative network solutions and will continuously research and develop advanced networking products for 5G communications, metropolitan networking, industrial automation and more to meet market demands. It is also committed to magnifying its differentiated strengths and sustainable management for setting a new milestone in boosting the brand further.