NovelVox to introduce voice bot optimization & foray into Asian regions ,...

NovelVox to introduce voice bot optimization & foray into Asian regions , South American countries

Mr. Amit Kumar Gandhi, Founder of NovelVox

NovelVox is a software product house, which has been operating in the contact center industry for more than a decade, thereby offering a solution that is optimized for any specific industry segment. Novel Vox aims to provide every client with a fully customized agent or supervisor desktop that will empower contact center agents with the right information at the right time, every time.

The Founder of NovelVox, Mr. Amit Kumar Gandhi, a young and tech-savvy entrepreneur discusses at length during a conversation with NCN and reveals the tools offered tools to integrate an industry’s core applications, the journey, the role of AI and many more. Excerpts of the interview:

Could you brief me about NovelVox?

NovelVox was founded in 2008 initially as a software solution provider for specific projects. Shortly after we worked towards creating NovelVox Designer Studio, which was the first Agent Desktop designer studio that helped create an Agent Desktop with a drag and drop designer in a low code model.The idea was to find easy and doable solutions to contact centres’ integration-related challenges. Now the agents need not work on one contact center platform, access customer details through CRM and accept requests in a different ticketing tool, they had an assimilated solution in NovelVox.

Last year we introduced CXInfinity, which is an omni-channel messaging and conversational AI platform optimized for all major industries. With pre-built use cases, it delivers an optimized performance.

What is the role of AI in solving customers?

The operations at contact centres are such that there’s influx of large volume of data, the flow of which is usually unstructured. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can segregate such unstructured data to give a more informative output. Moreover, AI can result in offering a more personalized support or service with minimum human intervention. For instance, chatbots are today a good form of frontline communication with customers on a 24×7 basis. They can handle level 1 queries and then automatically route the customers to live agents who can focus on more queries that are complex.

AI can further automate manual tasks to ensure zero scope of errors, intertwined with sentiment analysis for human like interactions basis customer’s intent. Also, Deep learning helps create knowledge graphs to have more mature answers for the common business queries.AI has already started playing a critical role. It will further take efficiencies to next level by automating and enhancing experience at the same time. To ensure scale, it is imperative for businesstohave AI.

Can you tell us about CTI connector, Wallboard, and Agent Accelerator (also known as Agent Desktop)?

NovelVox Universal CTI connector an advanced tool. The CTI connector is embedded within the third-party CRM or ticketing applications. This enables contact centre agents get relevant informationscreen pop on the screen, thereby improving productivity and enhancing CX. The intuitively designed Wallboards provide a 360 degree view of agent performance at a contact centre. It can be customized as per needs of varied industries using real time stats. Agent Accelerator is an agent workspace that integrates all backend applications and databases to offer a unified view of customer information to agents to offer seamless customer engagement without switching screens.

What are the opportunities that you see in this space?

On many occasions the agents do not get to access the right data as swiftly and seamlessly as required. Estimates suggest that nearly 60% of First Contact Resolution failures are due to agents’ inability to access the right data. But with the integration of new-age contact centre solutions, this challenge can be overcome without hassles.

According to the CCW Market Study in 2021, scattered and unorganized data is the biggest challenge for almost 47% of organizations. While many companies continue to advance&improve their solutions like CRM and contact center, there is lack of a holistic approach. At a company level, they still rely on a suite of different products to manage operations efficiently. Scope of integration between multiple applications will always be there and get stronger as we have more applications being developed. Companies like us will bridge the gap, to make operations more efficient.

How do you make partners indispensable?

We believe in empowering and enabling partners to deliver customizable solutions pertaining to different industry needs at their own level. We give them utmost flexibility to support clients. Easy solutions like Drag and drop designer, which can be leveraged to allow customizable UI, along with core system integration can lead them to earn more through new opportunities.

Please elucidate the technologies used in the customer contact gap?

Regarding the customer contact gap, AI has been used significantly to enable automated solutions while knowledge graph and cognitive search serve all data points. The cutting-edge technology offers sentiment analysis to drive customer satisfaction at scale whereas the Cloud technology results in easy adoption and scalability.

Tell us about the road ahead- technologies, geographical reach etc?

In near future, we would introduce voice bot optimization, which would be instrumental in voice analytics.Irrespective of much technological advancement to improve CX, voice continues to be the most preferred query resolving option for customers. In fact, 93% of people opt for voice for immediate help. Now, with help from technologies such as NLP (Natural Language Processing), Multilingual NLU and NLU (Natural Language Understanding), it is possible for chatbots to respond to customers in the language they understand.

Besides, we are committed to enhance and improve human connect with the help of Sentimental analysis and neural network.

With regard to the geographical reach, we intend to soon foray into other Asian regions and South American countries.