Edimax Launches Cutting-Edge Networking, AIoT and IIoT Solutions

Edimax Launches Cutting-Edge Networking, AIoT and IIoT Solutions


Mr. Hunter Chen, Senior Director Edimax Technology, in an interaction with NCN, shares about their cutting-edge networking solutions, market opportunities, latest initiatives and future plans. Edimax is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of a broad range of networking solutions. The brand’s core values include quality service, professional R&D and innovation.

Q. What additional products you have you added to your portfolio in line with the WFH trend?

For the WFH, we found that Internet bandwidth limitations and Wi-Fi dead zones are the main issues. To address these problems, EDIMAX has various Wi-Fi access points, range extenders and wireless USB network adapters. In addition, with 2.5 Gigabit Network Adapters and a 2.5 Gigabit switch that fulfills the demands of wireless and wired Internet connections.

Q. How has the booming internet cafes transformed the networking solution business?

The wireless hotspot demand is booming as mobile devices are ever so popular. The wireless access and connectivity are among the key elements for a service satisfaction. The speed performance and connectivity reliability are very important when selecting networking solutions and devices for those small businesses. Therefore, EDIMAX introduced ‘Office 1-2-3’ and “PrimeAX 1-2-3”, Smart Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 System for small businesses, and also for internet cafes, restaurants, hotels, retail stores etc. The Smart Wi-Fi Systems include 3-pack Wi-Fi 5 Access Point (Office 1-2-3) and 2-pack Wi-Fi 6 Access Points (PrimeAX 1-2-3) are specially designed to meet performance and reliability requirements. The other features such as plug-and-play, zero configuration, quick setup & management wizard lets you setup and install without any IT personals.

Q. Which of your product-lines are receiving high traction?

EDIMAX “Office 1-2-3 Smart Wi-Fi 5 System”, “PrimeAX 1-2-3 Wi-Fi 6 System” and SMB PoE managed switches are the most rapidly growing product-lines in the India market.

Q. What new products in communication & networking technologies Edimax is planning to launch in the near future?

EDIMAX will continue to focus on providing SMB Networking Solutions, for example, the Wi-Fi 6 System and SMB Surveillance Auto-VLAN Switch. Recently, EDIMAX introduced a whole lineup of new AIoT (Artificial Intelligence IoT) or IIoT (Industrial IoT) embedded wireless adapter solution and AirBox Total Air Quality solution for Smart Cities and Smart Buildings.

IoT (Internet of Things) technology is penetrating rapidly into various industries. IoT features are becoming an essential part in consumer electronics, manufacturing, logistics, retail, medical and other commercial applications. In addition, in recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT have become closer to each other, the new application type ‘AIoT (Arti­ficial Intelligence Internet of Things)’ emerged and is taking over across industries. AIoT adoption is happening fast leading the world into new level of connectivity. EDIMAX AIoT (Artificial Intelligence IoT) and IIoT (Industrial IoT) embedded wireless adapters enrich products with wireless connectivity, making things simple for AIoT and IIoT implementation.

According to WHO, air pollution has become a global environmental concern. To deal with air pollution, EDIMAX AirBox Total Air Solutions offers organizations real-time air quality data and cloud services. The product-line includes air quality detectors, signal board, cloud with big data and smart app for real-time status checking.

Q. How did you motivate your partners and addressed their problems during the pandemic since March 2020?

We had arranged extended online training and case studies to encourage partners to explore new markets and business opportunities, for example, small business Wi-Fi, IP Surveillance Applications and AIoT & IoT industries. We encouraged local partners to attend more virtual exhibitions, webinars and events and we also provided marketing materials such as online presentations and videos.

Q. Which of your solutions have high growth potential in the Indian market?

EDIMAX keeps eyes on the SMB Networking Solutions, AIoT & IIoT (Industrial IoT) embedded wireless Solutions and AirBox Total Air Quality Solutions for Smart Cities and Smart Buildings for the India market.

Q. What are your plans until 2025?

In the short term, for the Indian market, EDIMAX will continue to develop new channels and new applications based on the above three major solutions. At the same time, if EDIMAX has new products in the online market. We will also coordinate with partners to promote in the India market.