Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Western Digital Ultrastar Edge: High-Performance Edge Server for Low Latency Applications

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With the growing adoption of 5G, IoT and the cloud, businesses and consumers expect super-fast performance with their applications. This is creating demand for new, distributed intelligent architectures outside of core data centers to help ingest, analyze and transform data at the edge. In addition, organizations are running applications in extremely remote locations, such as deserts, seas or jungles, and are driving the need for ruggedized compute and storage where networks can be expensive, intermittent or nonexistent.

Designed for cloud service providers, telcos and system integrators, Western Digital’s Ultrastar Edge servers are easy to transport, deploy and scale in the field, at colocation (colo) facilities, in a factory, or in remote data centers. The Ultrastar Edge, a transportable 2U rack-mountable server with a portable case for colos and edge data centers.

Western Digital Ultrastar Edge is a high-performance edge server that enables organizations to deploy remote data capture and analytics at the cloud edge. Processing data closer to where it is generated reduces the latency associated with sending data from a remote location to the core for processing. Remote processing reduces the amount of traffic on network backbones, enables faster decision making and helps keep data center costs in check.

The ability to have low-latency processing in remote locations can also enable innovation. Organizations can deliver data center cloud-like services even when a network connection may be expensive, intermittent or non-existent. The server has 40 cores, a GPU, 512GiB of memory and over 60TB of Ultrastar NVMe flash storage, so applications that normally run on IaaS environments can easily be run remotely.

With a wheeled travel case, the Ultrastar Edge is easily transportable between locations and rack-mountable with the included rail kit when needed. A militarized and ruggedized version, Ultrastar Edge-MR, is also available.

The core of each Ultrastar Edge solution is a durable, high-speed server that supports up to 40 cores with two 2nd Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, an NVIDIA T4 GPU and eight Ultrastar NVMe SSDs providing up to 61TB of storage. This unique combination delivers blazing speeds and capacity for realtime analytics, AI, deep learning, ML training and inference, and video transcoding at the edge. It features two 50Gb or one 100Gb Ethernet connection for sending critical data back to the cloud or data center when connected.


  • Extreme performance with 40 CPU cores and 512GiB memory
  • Graphical processor unit for AI/ML tasks
  • Over 60TB of Ultrastar NVMe flash storage2
  • High-performance 100GbE networking
  • Trusted Platform Module 2.0 for security
  • Robust transport case with wheels and handle
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