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“We working our best to make use of the opportunities and expand our reach to all major cities in India”

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modi-infosol(shyamsunder)Modi Infosol Pvt Ltd (formerly Modi Peripherals Pvt Ltd), founded in 1987, is a customer-oriented IT products and solutions distribution company providing a range of products and expert services. Modi Group, with its Head Office in Nehru Place, New Delhi, Registered Office in Mumbai and Branch Offices in Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, has a turnover of over Rs 150 crores (Rs 1500 Million).

According to Shyam Sunder Modi, Director, Modi Infosol Pvt Ltd, “With our revenues for the FY2012-13 standing at Rs 150 crores and the growth rate at 10%, this year we are expecting a 30% growth rate.”

Modi Group is a distributor of software, PCs, laptops, servers, printers, multi-function machines/photocopiers, video projection systems, storage and networking products to develop customized IT solutions for all sorts of customer needs.
Modi Infosol undertakes maintenance of servers, PCs, and peripherals and all other IT-related hardware on an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) basis. The terms of such a contract can be structured as mutually agreed between the client and Modi Infosol depending on the special custom needs of the users. AMC can be comprehensive or covering services with or without parts. E-mail, anti-virus and application support can be included in the contract. They also undertake repairs and upgradation on all brands of laptop PCs.

The vendors or providers with whom Modi is associated include several top notch companies. They are Premium Business Partner for HP, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, VSNL, Samsung, Intel, AMD, Seagate, Epson, Xerox, Microsoft, Wipro and solution providers for PITNEY BOWES, Red Hat and few others. Modi Group are referral partners of SAP. For ASUS, they distribute laptops, desktops and tablets; and for Simmtronics, their tablets.

According to Modi, “We are working overtime to establish ourselves in the pan-India network.  In this regard, we are in the process of setting up offices in all metros and major cities.”

Technology has reached a level of maturity and the latest information and availability of products makes a big difference in this industry. To make the industry a level playing field, performance and size both determine success.
Modi opines, “We have proven ourselves by providing satisfactory services to our esteemed customers through the best of the ideas & management practices. The ongoing recession has created a strange situation—challenges as well as opportunities. There is a cash crunch in the market, partners are not paying in time and this has slowed down our operations. At the same there are new opportunities as many small distributors are closing down. We working our best to make use of the opportunities and expand our reach and scope to all the major cities in India.”

With 22 years of experience and a work force of 100 people, Modi is ready to set up a network of like-minded people who are ready to create success for them as well as for their customers.

About the advantages Modi Infosol enjoys, Modi states, “We are a family owned business. Many of our family members (including close relatives) work full time with our company with commitment, each of them taking responsibility of some specific function, so we are not entirely dependent on employees. This is a definite advantage we enjoy. We maintain good relationships with all our partners.”

Modi Group is registered for supply of branded software, desktops, servers, peripherals, note books, photocopiers and various other products to all government departments through NCCF (National Co-operative Consumer Federation of India Ltd). They can also supply directly on DGSND rate contract and execute orders on Form 131 and can also supply IT products on NICSI rate contract.

Modi Group believes that reliability and performance are equally important for small networks as much as for larger and more complex ones. They have a great deal of experience in the design and implementation of both small, peer-to-peer networks with minimal resource sharing, and multi-server, multi-protocol client/server networks handling critical data. The networks Modi Group can design and implement include LAN and WAN Local and Wide Area Networks for voice and data communication including structured cabling with CAT V, CAT VI and fiber optics. Full range of switches, routers, racks, and patch panels, etc are seamlessly integrated to provide network efficiency and resource sharing across enterprise. Their offices and service centers are equipped with experienced engineers and material to provide prompt and efficient support which is crucial for uninterrupted network operation. On the basis of their strategic business alliances, Modi Group can deliver end-to-end solutions for diverse business needs, and their partnerships are with the world leaders in IT.

Regarding expectations from the vendors, Modi says, “We do have high expectations from our vendors. Some vendors do stand up to our expectations to certain extent but in most cases we are not satisfied. We want our vendors to include us in their growth plans rather simply treating us as suppliers of their products for a margin. They should include us in their growth strategies, objectives and they should share with us such strategies and plans so that we can work in tandem. Such a strategy will put the vendors as well as the distributors in a Win-Win situation and the results will have synergic outcomes. We want the vendors to extend their hands to all the partners and also provide appropriate stock and credit facilities to the down-the-line partners so that they can do business with ease and confidence.”

Regarding future plans, Modi states, “As I have already mentioned, we are working hard to establish ourselves across all the major cities in India. We want to be among the top 10 distributors in the country in the coming years. As far as the immediate plans are concerned, we are waiting for the new government after 2014 general elections. Depending upon the new government’s policies and budget we will draft our strategy.”

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