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“We want to be perceived as a one stop solution provider for businesses to protect and optimize their critical infrastructure”

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emerson_sanjayEmerson Network Power protects and optimizes critical infrastructure for data centers, communications networks, healthcare and industrial facilities. In an interview with Sanjay Zadoo, Country Manager, India Channel Business, Emerson Network Power about the company’s initiatives and future plans. Excerpts of the interview:

What’s the overall performance of Emerson power network in India? Could you elaborate your current focus?
The Indian growth story can be linked back to the growth of manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. Also, the booming telecommunications, IT/ITeS sectors, healthcare and retail sectors have provided opportunities to Emerson Network Power to develop solutions catering to their needs. Historically, Emerson Network Power has been known globally for its chip-to-grid power solutions, and now we have expanded our leadership to data center infrastructure management (DCIM).
Businesses are always on the lookout for data centers to justify their objectives including space, cost, availability, efficiency etc. To address these demands, we have introduced Smart Solutions for SMBs as well as enterprise companies. These solutions combine the finest power, precision cooling and infrastructure management in an environment which can be placed at any conditioned space. In the AC Power segment we offer the highly energy efficient LiebertNXr and Liebert 80-Net UPS systems. The UPS systems with high efficiency IGBT and Smarter Controls give maximum throughput for the customer.

Emerson is well-known as a UPS company but of late you have diversified in varied portfolios & How has this helped Emerson in creating a whole new identity for itself?
We were known as a UPS company but over time we have expanded our leadership to other solutions. Emerson Network Power is now perceived as a one-stop solution and service provider in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of businesses.In terms of technology offering, Emerson Network Power is ahead of its counterparts providing solutions that enable Indian enterprises of all sizes and applications to cost-effectively sustain critical business operations that simply can’t go down, like in the telecommunications and healthcare.

What is your channel strategy? What are your future plans for your partners?
When it comes to policies, processes or any communication with the channel, Emerson Network Power makes sure that it is fair, direct and transparent. Our policies are structured in a way which leverages the mutual strengths and recognized the contributions of our channel partners. The policies are same throughout the country as it makes it extremely easy for us to work with our channel partners and vice-versa.

Do you think that your channel partners be benefited from your strategies?
We make sure that our partners focus on having a solutions centric approach which will be beneficial to their long-term growth and profitability. We regularly reward our partners through front-end and back-end schemes, as means of incentivizing them for their efforts. We try to educate our partners on how they can expand their business prospects through on-ground as well as online training programmes which we organize in phased manners across the country.

Why you did UPS business with data center directly?
We have always had a solutions centric approach as opposed to a product centric approach because we really think it makes it easy for our partners to sell solutions instead of products. Our solutions are built on feedback from CIOs and customers considering business criticality, low total cost of ownership, flexibility of adoption and reliability.We extend our technical support to channel partners throughout the product cycle and strive to drive them away from being box-pushers and adopt a solutions approach.

Emerson has launched Trellis Platform Express Edition in last year? What’s the idea behind to launch it?
The Trellis Platform Express Edition is a bundled offering of existing Trellis platform functionality that is pre-configured to customer requirements. The platform offers the benefits of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) in a streamlined and simplified delivery model. Emerson Network Power’s industry-leading DCIM solution, the Trellis platform, gives customers a holistic, real-time view of the data center across facilities and IT resources, providing the information needed to improve overall operational efficiency and to plan for the future. The Trellis Platform Express Edition offers the same capabilities in a turnkey package, making it an easy, efficient and cost-effective way for customers to get started with the Trellis platform. It also offers a flexible, scalable foundation to build on as business needs change.

Lastly, what are your future plans in 2014?
2014 is likely to present larger opportunities for players to tap into, in terms of nature as well as size of deals. We expect the enterprise IT market to grow at a healthy pace with technologies such as virtualization, mobility and cloud computing together driving the impact for many enterprises. As per IDC, spending on servers, storage and enterprise networks will grow by 4 percent in 2014. The market will be driven by strong investment from sectors such as Government, Manufacturing and Telecom. Historically, Emerson Network Power has been known globally for its chip-to-grid power solutions. With a wide array of recognitions over the past few years on our innovative technologies, we want to be perceived as a one stop solution provider for businesses to protect and optimize their critical infrastructure. On the numbers front, we will be looking to continue our steady growth year on year.

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