Friday, December 2, 2022

“We always want our vendors to introduce new technology backed products frequently with strong marketing support”

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supertron(vkbhandari)Supertron Electronics Pvt Ltd (SEPL) is a leading Information Technology and Telecom company of India and among the country’s ten largest IT product distribution intermediaries.The company also markets a range of PC components and peripherals (UPS, keyboards, speakers, mouse, cabinets, TV Tuner, add-on cards, headsets, motherboards, webcam , Projectors etc.) and Security & Surveillance products (CCTV, DVR Cards, Standalone DVR and accessories) under its own brands Supercomp. PC components and peripherals are also available in premium range under Solitaire brand. Within a short span Supercomp and Solitaire have shown phenomenal growth and rank today among the top five component brands in the country. In an interview with V.K. Bhandari, Chairman and Managing Director, SEPL about his distribution model and brand promotion activities. Excerpts of the interview:

How long have you been into distribution business?
Year 2013 we are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Supertron Electronics Pvt Ltd. I started my own company Supertron Electronics Limited, as an IT Trading and Importing Company in the year 1993.

What are the brands and products you distribute?
We are the National Distributor of Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Seagate, Transcend, Buffalo, IBM, LG, Digilite, Belkin & Philips.

At present you are concentrating on which products?
As a National Distributor we can not specify that way,Our goal is to establish our organization at the forefront as the most dependable value-added distributor in the country with strong logistics with pan-India presence, another focused area is our bottom line products with the value addition in the product range.
What are your main revenue pullers?
Dell, Acer and Seagate along with Toshiba Laptop contribute to more than 75% of our over-all revenue   and other brands contribute to balance 25%.

What is your current annual turnover?
Our current turnover is 1408 crores INR.

What is your annual revenue (optional) and growth rate?
IT Industry is poised to growth at the rate of 10 to 12% in coming years as still the penetration percentage in India for computers is much low as compared to other developing or developed nations. We are looking at 12-15% + growth year to year in next two years.

What are your main challenges in your distribution business?
Global economic slowdown is the reasons to downturn trends in the IT industry and G.D.P. growth as well. Dollar strength and a depreciating rupee is the biggest challenge to the distribution business along with the inventory and debtors control.

What kind of support do you expect from your vendors?
We always want our vendors to introduce new technology backed products frequently with strong marketing support. Good supply chain management to keep channels satisfaction, keep us inform about the future road map and most importantly channel friendly warranty policy and best service to the customer. Build up a healthy relationship with day to day interactions with the disty and channel as well.

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