Thursday, December 8, 2022

“ViewSonic will Introduce Large Interactive Display in 2018 ”

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As an innovator and visionary, ViewSonic keeps the world connected with a portfolio of professional level visual solutions that enhance the way we compute, collaborate, communicate and connect. In an interaction with Eric Wei, Senior Sales Director, ViewSonic Asia- Pacific about the overall performance of brand and current initiatives in the Indian market.

What are the current scenario and growth prospects for visual technology devices?

 The visual technology market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the technology industry. There are constant new innovations, applications and technologies being introduced in the market. The latest applications that have become instrumental in the evolution of the visual technology industry are the launch of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications. Another revolution in visual technology is 4K which is an   up-gradation of high definition technologies. Flexible Display, Ultra Slim Display and transparent display are just a few more examples that we will be experiencing in the near future. There is a huge competition in the Visual Technology segment especially monitors, where everyone is coming up with the most advanced features. There are from 4K to curve LCDs and displays supporting daisy chain setup. We expect a lot of growth this year with our new products lined up for this year.

What is the overall performance of ViewSonic in India?

The overall performance is highly satisfactory in India especially in the projector category. We have grown more than 3% share in projector segment. Moreover, our YoY (Year over Year) growth is more than 280%.

What are the major challenges before you in increasing sales and how are you addressing these challenges?

The technology landscape in India is ever evolving. One of the biggest challenges that a brand like ours faces is to disrupt the existing customer loyalties and create a strong positioning for ViewSonic. The concentration of urban and educated audience is mostly in key metros and some significant brands still struggle to penetrate into the tier II and tier III markets. However, with the success of e-commerce marketplaces we have seen a significant shift in the demand from smaller cities as well. Another challenge is that the traditional IT market is not growing at a pace it used to before. To address this concern we are reaching out to specific vertical segments like education, gaming, commercial, photography niche markets for our diverse product range.

Could you share the expansion and growth plans of ViewSonic?

Our core base of operations is based out of Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. We are highly committed to the Indian market. However, we still are testing the waters in the Indian market and cannot disclose our future growth plans. Our goal is to position ourselves as a leading brand offering the most consumer-friendly products across different segments of the market for corporates, gaming enthusiasts, professionals or individuals seeking recreational use.

What are the new technological innovations ViewSonic provide with their products?

We work with the industry’s most advanced technology providers and strive to develop cutting-edge solutions for consumers. OurViewBoard Interactive Flat Displays (IFP50) series is the 1st IFP / Large Format Display to have “Intel Unite” Certification. Which means it is the most secured IFP currently with 256 bit encryption.

What are the latest innovations in gaming monitors?

Our XG series of Gaming monitors were developed to cater to all gaming needs. Our XG2530 240Hz Gaming Monitor has a refresh rate of 240Hz and a blazingly fast 1ms response time for a smooth gaming experience especially for FPS games like Overwatch, CS: GO etc. We have both the AMD FreeSync and G-Sync version of LCD Gaming Monitors to give our gamers the most seamless experience when coupled with either an AMD or NVIDIA GPU.

What progress has ViewSonic made in terms of activities and business in the last year and the quarter that has just ended?

We have recently launched PA503s in the projector category and XG2402 which is a high-performing monitor for the gaming enthusiasts. In the past year, our company has made huge strides in each product category especially in the projector segment. Moreover, the market share of ViewSonic in the last financial year has grown more than five times from Q1–Q3.We have also participated in various exhibitions and roadshows like Infocomm, what’s HiFi show etc.

What are your future plans?

In the first quarter of 2018 we have several exciting products coming out for our consumers. Products such as the 4K ViewBoard IFP50 series, is a perfect solution for interactive business and education solutions. Also, we have a lot of new and exciting range of products in the pipeline for professional photographers and gamers, also with the introduction of our revolutionary monitors and projectors; we are focusing on the education sector. We will still focus on visual display, desktop display and projector. Moreover, in 2018 we will introduce large interactive display.  Our aim is to be the leading players in the electronics segment in India.

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