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ViewSonic: Leading the Way in Display Technology

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Mr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya is the Director of Sales and marketing for the IT Business at ViewSonic India. With nearly three decades of experience in the Indian IT hardware and display industry, Mr. Bhattacharya assumed his role at ViewSonic in September 2020, where he serves as the Head of the IT Business. Prior to his tenure at ViewSonic, he held the position of IT Business Head at LG Electronics for an impressive 16 years and later joined Acer as a National Business Manager.

In an exclusive interview with NCN magazine, Mr. Bhattacharya shared his perspectives on a range of topics. He discussed the future prospects for ViewSonic’s brand portfolio, reflecting on his journey in the industry and highlighting his vision for innovative solutions that aim to revolutionize touchscreen display technology.

How is ViewSonic planning to revolutionise touchscreen display solutions and focus on a one-cable solution?

Touchscreen technology has evolved with options like resistive, optical, capacitive, and infrared gaining prominence. These technologies benefit sectors like banking, industry, retail, healthcare, and education, boosting productivity and user experiences.

An innovative one-cable solution simplifies connectivity, merging audio and video functions into a single cable. This minimizes clutter, enhances efficiency, and represents a significant advancement. By integrating power, data, and functions into one cable (like USB-C), setup becomes easier, cable clutter decreases, and user convenience improves. This is valuable for offices, home entertainment, and portable devices, reducing the need for multiple cables and chargers.

How has ViewSonic become the fastest-growing PC/Display monitor brand in India?

ViewSonic has an extensive monitor lineup with over 50 models grouped into seven segments, catering to diverse customer needs. They offer advanced technologies for Gaming, ColorPro, Touchscreen, Workspace, and Entertainment monitors. Pricing is tailored to various customer categories, and they hold industry-standard certifications like Blur Buster and Pantone Validation, establishing them as a leading monitor brand.

They’ve expanded their market presence through a revamped channel policy, introducing Regional Importer and Distributor (RID) positions, collaborating with National Distributors (ND), and partnering with over 7,000 T3 partners. They actively engage with dealers and end-users through events like dealer meetings and exhibitions.

What are your expansion plans in the display technology space to gain a minimum of 10% market share across India, verticals, and segments by 2023?

India’s digital transactions are driving a predicted 15-20% CAGR in the PC business from 2023 to 2030. ViewSonic strategically realigned its distribution and staffing to tap into the B2B potential. This move responds to factors like the rapid growth of startups in the commercial sector and a new education policy emphasizing digital learning.

ViewSonic invested significantly in channel relationships via their partner portal and established a robust service infrastructure with over 235 service centers covering 20,572 pin codes in India. They introduced seven new Regional Importer and Distributor (RID) positions, onboarding 7,200 partners, positioning themselves well in the expanding digital solutions market.

Furthermore, ViewSonic is focused on expanding its portfolio by introducing new models in various categories and price segments to meet evolving consumer demands.

How is ViewSonic leading the gaming display monitor industry with advanced technologies and certifications such as Blur Busters 2.0, higher refresh rate, 0.5ms MPRT response time, Pantone Validation, and more?

ViewSonic has identified a significant growth opportunity in the gaming monitor market. To seize this chance, the brand has expanded its gaming monitor range, notably the XG2431 (Elite) and VX28 (OMNI Gaming) series. These monitors offer outstanding features like a 180Hz refresh rate, rapid 0.5ms response time, FAST IPS technology, Blur Buster 2.0 certification, and HDR 10 support, all packaged in an ergonomic design. They promise an exceptional gaming experience.

Additionally, ViewSonic is preparing to launch a lineup of high-end yet affordable gaming monitors this year. These monitors will feature impressive refresh rates and incorporate innovative features, setting them apart from the competition. This strategic emphasis on gaming demonstrates ViewSonic’s dedication to providing gamers with cutting-edge display solutions.

How is the monitor business experiencing exponential growth by disrupting channel policy marketing strategies and introducing new product launches across different categories?

ViewSonic’s revamped channel policy, expansive partner network, and diverse monitor lineup underline the brand’s commitment to expanding its market presence and catering to the unique requirements of its wide-ranging consumer base.

As a brand, ViewSonic places great importance on nurturing strong and efficient relationships with channel partners to drive growth and extend its outreach. Recently, ViewSonic introduced seven Regional Importer and Distributor (RID) positions in various regions and collaborated with National Distributors (ND). The brand has also formed partnerships with over 7,000 T3 partners to maximize its reach. Furthermore, ViewSonic actively engages with dealers and end-users through initiatives such as dealer meetings and exhibitions.

What range of monitor solutions does the brand offer, catering to both beginner-level and professional Esports gamers?

ViewSonic caters to gamers of all levels with their diverse monitor offerings. The Omni and Elite series are designed based on gamer insights. The Elite series features immersive Elite Design Elements (EDEs) with ambient RGB lighting, targeting professional gamers.

The OMNI VX gaming series offers 27-inch and 24-inch monitors with Fast IPS Display, HDR10, AMD FreeSync™ Premium, and VESA AdaptiveSync for smooth, tear-free gaming. These displays also feature a 180Hz high refresh rate for excellent gaming and video editing performance without overclocking.

The Elite series is priced higher for professional gamers, while the OMNI VX series is affordable for casual gamers. ViewSonic’s range ensures that gamers of all skill levels can find the perfect monitor to enhance their gaming experience. Whether you’re starting your gaming journey or aiming for esports excellence, ViewSonic monitors offer the performance and features you need.

What was ViewSonic’s market share in the monitor segment in 2021, and what is its target market share across India, verticals, and segments for 2023?

The PC business is witnessing significant growth, projected to surge by 15-20% from 2023 to 2030. Despite having a 1% market share in 2021, the brand aims to achieve a 10% market share in the near future, positioning itself among the top three monitor brands in the market.

ViewSonic has strategically aligned its distribution and staffing capacity to tap into the potential of business-to-business transactions. The brand recognizes the impact of rapid startup growth in the commercial sector, especially in education, where digitalization and audio-visual learning are gaining prominence. This shift has created extensive opportunities in the display market, prompting companies to invest in talent and explore innovative avenues for growth.

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