Thursday, May 19, 2022


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Please see the following for the answer in red to the questions.

  1. Tell us in detail about the automatic door solution- its USP, where all it is used, benefits, etc.

The automatic door brings convenience, access control, hygiene, and eco-friendly in human’s daily life. People do not need to touch the door handle to access the rooms and building. Also, it could prevent cross-infection by reducing the touch of the door handle.

  1. Discuss the various milestones achieved in all these years.

We had applied the servo performance to our brushless dc motor, which becomes more powerful with a smaller dimension, also provides more function to its performance. Besides our product had won the reward from Taiwan excellence from 2019 to 2021, the newly developed patent is going to apply to our product.

  1. Which are the various sectors in which you operate?

TRONCO is the vertical integration manufacturer. We have our R&D, purchasing, management, warehouse, quality control, customer service, and engineering department.

  1. What are the various ways in which you have diversified from automatic-door systems?

TRONCO’s production contains the following:

Automatic Sliding door (CS series)

Automatic Swing door (SW series)

Automatic Telescopic door ( TS series)

Automatic Folding door ( FD series)

Curved Sliding door (US series)

Heavy-duty sliding door ( HS series)

High speed rolling shutter (HS series)

Sliding Gate (SG series)

Revolving door ( RV series)

Besides the above product types, we also provide the building entrance-related automatic system.

  1. How do you boost your relationship with your partners?

Treating our clients with honesty and integrity is what we have focused on, providing a reliable automatic system with the best assistance, helping our clients through the projects.

  1. What is the future road ahead?

Our mission is to bring the Made in Taiwan (MIT) product to international. Our goal is to set an example for the industry. Tronco’s value is the attention to detail, not to ignore the impact of any details

I would like to confirm with you what kind of pictures for the high-resolution picture is requesting and do the designation of the spokesperson have to be the manager.?

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