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The Latest Technology & Market Trends that are set to Dominate the ICT Industry in 2022

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The year 2022 begins with new hope. Despite the ongoing 3rd Covid wave, most industry players hope by April 2022, the market will gain new momentum. The industry giants expressed their opinions on how the new innovations will dominate the market in terms of the latest technology networking devices, PCs, storage, AI, ML, 5G, gaming devices, etc, and how WFH and SFH will continue to be the practices in 2022. We took the opinions of several top IT brands about their outlook and expectations for the year 2022. Cloud-enabled and secured workspaces, in both physical and virtual versions, are set to dominate the healthcare, financial services, hospitality, and retail businesses.

The technological trends that will rule 2022!

According to the industry majors, the major trends that are set to dominate the year 2022 are going to the combination of modern edge platforms and software-defined edge systems will be considered the best method for edge deployment in multi-cloud environments. AI and ML will be a part of our daily lives. The tech industry will introduce more Wi-Fi 6E devices across categories, including smartphones, allowing consumers and businesses to take advantage of augmented reality and virtual reality.

Mr. Srinivas Rao, Senior Director, System Engineering, Dell Technologies, India, “Emerging technologies like edge computing, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are accelerating the insights and processes with respect to data and digitization. Compute platforms at the edge will provide lightweight designs that can be successfully deployed despite spatial, environmental, power, and connectivity constraints. These designs can be secured and can support applications that require insights in real-time, enabling businesses to provide enhanced experiences to their customers. As the IT infrastructure becomes more distributed, our focus will remain on simplifying and modernizing, while reducing the infrastructure costs. We see the following trends will dominate the technology-scape in 2022: Competitive ‘Edge’ for Data Management – We anticipate that the entire data management ecosystem will develop and utilize edge IT capacity at the ingress and egress of their data pipelines, and remotely process and digest data on the edge.

As the data management ecosystem extends to the edge, the number of edge workloads will continue to grow dramatically, and data management will become a new class of workload. Software-defined Edge – In 2022, we expect edge platforms to become more capable and pervasive, with workloads and even public cloud edge shifting to software-defined architectures. The combination of modern edge platforms and software-defined edge systems will be considered the best method for edge deployment in multi-cloud environments.”

Mr. Sanjeev Mehtani, Country Manager, Sales, Acer India, “The year 2022 will be a year for technological advancements and innovation. To be more precise: Seamless omnichannel experiences will play a critical role in engaging with consumers. AI and ML will be a part of our daily lives.

AI will be used to predict customer needs and delight customers at scale to stay ahead of the curve. We will also see a huge leap towards sustainability from all ends, which will be a key focus for all the companies.”

Mr. Dinesh Sharma, Business Head, Commercial PC and Smartphone, System Business Group, Asus India, “In the post-pandemic era, the technological needs of people have seen a drastic shift. With increased emphasis on remote working and e-learning, one of the major trends that will dominate the tech industry will be going mobile for most things. Institutions, businesses, and consumers are adopting the idea of a digital-first approach. The impetus towards the asset-light model and flexible work culture will further pave the way for hybrid working culture. The year 2022 is expected to be based on the explosive demand for technology in almost every activity.

The tech industry will introduce more Wi-Fi 6E devices across categories, including smartphones, allowing consumers and businesses to take advantage of augmented reality and virtual reality. As the world adapts to the post-pandemic technological needs, innovation will be the core to fulfilling the rapidly evolving industry requirements and to supporting the hybrid/remote working environment. ASUS, following the industry trend, will continue to take measures for maintaining that expansion. We will stay focused on consumer requirements and figure out the best available tech and proposition solutions for the end customers. These will encapsulate the cutting-edge technologies blended perfectly for organizations.”

Mr. Marthesh Nagendra, Country Manager – India, ME & SAARC, NETGEAR, “We at NETGEAR see Wi-Fi 6E technology will rule 2022. The Wi-Fi 6E was the pick of the technologies among the various OEMs worldwide at the recently held Consumer Electronics Show CES 2022.

The pandemic induced a high demand for better Internet connections and increased dependence on Wi-Fi for working, learning, and entertainment from home. We are constantly using Wi-Fi-hungry apps, joining video calls for work and school, streaming in 4K/8K UHD, and enjoying AR/VR gaming, our Wi-Fi networks are competing for bandwidth more than ever. While the improvement of the latest Wi-Fi standard is gaining lots of buzz and excitement from tech enthusiasts and early adopters alike, the significance of Wi-Fi expanding to the new 6 GHz band is expected to dominate its presence in 2022. With Wi-Fi 6E, you can expect less congestion and interference, thanks in part to the 6 GHz band being exclusive only to 6E-supported devices, ultimately opening up the potential to unlock many more applications.”

Mr. Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India & Middle East, “We believe the technological transformation the businesses have gone through in the last two years is expected to continue in 2022 and beyond at a rapid pace. Returning to the office doesn’t mean going back to our old practices. Hybrid working is the new trend and comes with irreversible changes in the way we work. Though the pandemic has accelerated the sudden adoption, now business leaders have understood the term ‘preparedness’ for any technological disruption that may come in their way in the years ahead. Just adopting the technology is not enough but keeping up-to-date on new technologies, knowing the complications, and working on those shifts is a continuous process.

The technologies that will be driving the business transformation in 2022 can be summed up as Cloud-enabled and secured workspaces – the new business model is both physical and virtual, especially in the healthcare, financial services, hospitality, and retail businesses, hence, in order to make the workplaces risk-free, CIOs will invest heavily to develop cloud-enabled and secured workspaces; video and AI technologies to be on priority – the futuristic vision of corporate environments and work which is the Video and AI-based technologies will become a priority for many companies and will only accelerate further; and hybrid working is going to escalate – for connecting with colleagues and work on team projects wherever you are with the right collaborative tools will allow people to create a virtual office where teams will connect, work and meet online. For hybrid work to succeed, it is important to ensure that organizations have the correct technology in place to allow employees to collaborate efficiently and effectively from wherever they are.”

Mr. Jaganathan Chelliah, Senior Director – Marketing, India, Middle East & Africa, Western Digital, “In the past two years, things have moved to the digital-first mindset – both for the organizations and the individuals due to the pandemic. While we continue to see an inclination towards a hybrid working environment this year, trends like workcations, gaming, online classes, smart video surveillance, security, and content creation will gain more traction in 2022.

This further increases the demand for reliable, high-speed, and portable solutions to serve consumer needs while on the go leading to an uptick in backup data solutions, transfer devices, and internal storage drives to upgrade personal computers. Our activities will be dominated by a data-driven approach and the need for high capacity and high-performance storage solutions will increase across the industry verticals and consumers. In addition, the future is moving towards wireless, and it’s just a matter of time before wireless charging technology becomes a norm in India. We foresee a remarkable shift in consumer behavior with regards to wireless technology adoption and the space is undoubtedly set to grow in 2022.”

Mr. Bijoy Alaylo, VP – Channel Sales, TP-Link India Pvt Ltd, “The WFH and LFH are going to trend at the top again since the Covid is still persistent in 2022, but looking at the new trends picking up such as the evolution of 5G and the improvements in the Wi-Fi 6 category. The 5G by itself will be the next step for the cellular evolution where TP-Link will be bringing in more products supporting 5G networks.

Restrictions where fixed-line broadband cannot reach, the 5G cellular tech reachability will be a boon for consumers, and routing them to the users will be our role. Wi-Fi 6 also has got a strong foothold in the consumer space due to the Covid pandemic pushing people towards WFH. Increased Bandwidth with better pass-through has been the demand of the time. Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices have great benefits when it comes to connected devices density.”

Mr. Avinash Johri, Executive Director, MAXHUB, “B2B Buyer preferences have undergone massive shifts in the pandemic times. As per a McKinsey and Company Report, 76% of B2B buyers find it helpful to speak to someone in person or on the phone when they want to purchase a completely new product or service. 52% of buyers want to speak with someone when they are in the process of buying a previously purchased offering but with a different set of specifications. Thus, in-person or in-person-like interactions are crucial for the Customer Journey.

Thus, Video Conferencing devices that help in conducting real-life meetings will find wider acceptance in the market. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will play a crucial role in products especially IT. Smart – Display Panels, Webcams, Speakers will continue to support business interactions in meetings and over calls. Brands like MAXHUB whose products already imbibe this technology will be at the forefront of this trend. Cloud Platforms will emerge due to the work-from-anywhere and Learn-from-Anywhere modes. These modes demand shift from lift-and-shift to cloud which is resilient, elastic, and agile. We are on track with this for the Education Solution with our recent Bytello Class, Bytello DMS Software.”

Mr. Puneet Datta, Senior Director, Canon India, “As organizations accelerated digital transformation and customers embraced digital experiences, the print industry has experienced an irrevocable shift over the past two years. In this context, two trends we foresee in the Indian printer market for the year 2022 are: Place, where printing happens, is changing – As work from home and online education continues to be the norm, we will see a lot of printing shifting from organizations (read corporates and educational institutes) to home. There could potentially be a demand for remote printing that is already emerging to collaborate better to account for a hybrid work environment.

Industry players will have to make tactical moves that involve leveraging technologies and R&D to meet the changing needs in the market; Shift towards inkjet printing & color will be stronger – As printing needs change to more home-based printing, the shift towards inkjet has continued to gather speed as visible in last 2 years. We see the same trend continuing in 2022. In the office printing space, the trend will be to have printers that can seamlessly integrate with workflows and offer collaboration opportunities. While the need for black & white documentation could potentially be lesser in 2022, we expect the color document printing to grow exponentially driven by home printing.”

Mr. Sandeep Bhambure, MD, India & SAARC, Veeam Software, “Over the last few years, there has been a shift toward improving remote working capabilities, access to cloud infrastructure, and data security. As a result, it is likely that businesses will want more control over their data, with a greater emphasis on the ability to facilitate portability and seamless response to changing demands in the future.

Increased emphasis on data protection: The rapid shift to hybrid work models and the significant uptick in the adoption of digital transformation programs has made preserving as well as protecting data increasingly complex. This has encouraged Indian organizations to capitalize on this gap and safely utilize data and protect it while enabling business growth. Veeam’s Data Protection Trends Report 2021, highlights that as consumers are becoming more aware of the significance of data protection, we will continue to witness a spike in the demand for data protection solutions. Cloud-hosted IT delivery model will gain traction for production and disaster recovery: Organizations have realized the countless benefits of cloud-native models and are now leveraging this technology in all aspects of the business operations including factors such as enhancing their agility, capability, meeting the changing demands for 24×7 availability, increase deployment speed, and reduce IT costs. Cloud computing served as a foundation for as-a-service models; however, with IoT (Internet of Things) and edge computing gaining momentum we can expect several service-based models to emerge in the near future. Kubernetes/ Containerization will take center stage: Adoption of Kubernetes and containers has witnessed significant acceleration and has proven to be extremely beneficial for businesses. Kubernetes is the unifying fabric of modern computing – using it to mitigate the most pressing data threats in today’s risk landscape is one of the best defenses against cyber-attacks. Given the rising need for better ransomware practices, streamlined business processes, and business agility, SMEs and their IT personnel will increasingly favor Kubernetes in 2022.”

What new products do the brands plan to come up with for 2022!

In line with the new trends, in 2022, the brands want to launch devices with higher speeds, greater storage capacity, and advanced features. There will be more emphasis on remote working devices.

Mr. Sanjeev Mehtani of Acer India, “We had several device launches during CES 2022 which are highly advanced in technology. We look forward to introducing those products in India soon. At Acer, we are determined to focus on products and services that reduce the carbon footprint and promote greener earth hence we are working towards our new line of products from the Vero series laptops which are consciously built to promote a sustainable environment. We have also expanded our anti-microbial product portfolio for both consumer and commercial audiences.”

Mr. Dinesh Sharma of Asus India, “We have extensively studied the needs of the PC & smartphone consumers. Our market research has shown us that customers are always looking for the best possible products when it comes to performance. Hence, ASUS has an interesting and versatile line-up planned for India in the Commercial PC and smartphone division. We will announce these details in a planned manner throughout the year.”

Mr. Marthesh Nagendra of NETGEAR, “There has been a worldwide shortage of chipsets and it not only applies for the tech world but also crosses paths into the automobile industry where they are used extensively. Having said that, with respect to Wi-Fi in India, NETGEAR will continue to expand its product lines into Wi-Fi 6 and mesh routers combined. We will also extend our product lines with Wi-Fi 6 Mesh with starter packs in the initial phase. NETGEAR caters to customers living in large homes that do not want to compromise on their Wi-Fi speeds or coverage. We will ensure that our products are the latest in the home Wi-Fi space as we invest in research to deliver the best of the tech in the home Wi-Fi space.”

Mr. Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India & Middle East, “IceWarp will release the first version of GEN3, including the improvements to TeamChat and Conferences, such as lobby mode, whiteboards, and customized backgrounds, so our clients can express their true self; Finalize the All-In-One concept on mobile devices, so one can carry all their work in their pocket; ‘Be there for our clients,’ which sounds cliché, but we truly believe in our clients’ feedback; Complete dashboard customization – so, the user can see the important bits, such as notifications, instantly; Redesign of the whole interface – enabling the users with a slightly new but way better looking design; Introduction of the Notifications centre – a new panel on the right side of the screen will tell the user what they missed during their lunchtime; Proper Task adaptation into the whole IceWarp ecosystem to easily create, track, and share assignments with the team; Support for a multi-window environment – for those rare fringe moments when one actually need a second tab to simultaneously follow several emails or the #cats thread on TeamChat; Additional features like, webinars, 1:1 meeting, tutorials, and more are in the launch-pipeline for IceWarp.”

Mr. Jaganathan Chelliah of Western Digital, “At Western Digital, our vision behind introducing any new product is to make our consumers’ lives easier. Thus, as a technology-first company, we are well set to keep innovating and providing various solutions that meet evolving consumer needs. Across our consumer as well as enterprise segments, our aim is to offer a comprehensive range of storage solutions that combine customer-centric innovations, newer technologies, high efficiency, reliability, and speed. For our consumer segment, we will continue to place greater emphasis on packing more storage capacity in the smallest form factor across our portfolio. We have a wide range of internal and external SSDs, HDDs, MicroSD & SD Cards as well as dual drives across our WD_BLACK, WD Blue, SanDisk, and WD brands to meet varied needs across operating systems. For the enterprise segment, we will be addressing the ever-changing market and reducing carbon footprint, for which we are coming up with high-capacity compact drives (up to 20TB). You will also see more products backed by NVMe technology from us.”

Mr. Bijoy Alaylo of TP-Link, “As a company, we would be diversifying into different markets through our range of network cameras and accessories (brand name – VIGI) which would give our consumers more power to even now include security surveillance to their homes with TP-Link products. Connected home with TP-Link is our long-term vision and TP-Link’s VIGI will be our next addition to it. Also, new variations of the Wi-Fi 6 category routers will be on offer to the customer through our partners in India.”

Mr. Puneet Datta of Canon India, “The pandemic has impacted the global chip production and supply chain drastically. This has led to product supply challenges. At Canon, we will continue to invest in new products and plan for their launches in 2022. This is evident from the launches that we did in 2021 as well in the toughest times that India has ever seen. We continue to witness good demands in our newly launched products. The actual product line-up launch time frames however are yet to be decided to keep in view the supply chain challenges in the global economy today. We are also closely studying the changes in our consumer/customer during the pandemic and are working towards building smart solutions that would cater to these changing needs in coming times.”

Mr. Avinash Johri of MAXHUB, “We will launch MAXHUB M40 – a 360° All-in-One Camera for meeting rooms that have easy portability with robust capability and intuitive controls. We will also be venturing into a new product category – Digital Signages within this year. One can also expect upgradations to our existing models in the product portfolio.”

Mr. Sandeep Bhambure of Veeam Software, “Businesses now have more data to protect than ever before, from ransomware and cyberattacks to compliance and new regulations, as well as the complexities of remote working environments. Veeam is constantly innovating and is at the forefront of delivering Modern Data Protection to its customer company’s solutions span across the ecosystem of cloud, virtual, physical, SaaS, and application-specific environments. In 2021, Veeam saw its Microsoft Office 365 business grow faster than expected with 73% YoY growth and achieved over 36% YoY growth of Veeam Availability Suite. With 8.5 million users now relying on Veeam to protect their Office 365 data, V6 will be released in early 2022. Veeam cloud-native data protection reported more than 420% growth YoY. New releases of Veeam Backup for AWS v4, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v3, and Veeam Backup for Google Cloud v2 are now integrated directly into Veeam Backup & Replication v11a with 100% functionality for Veeam Universal License (VUL) license holders. Veeam moved more than 500PB (0.5 EX) of data to public cloud storage in 2021, which accounts for 135% growth YoY. Veeam’s single platform for Modern Data Protection — simple, flexible, reliable, and powerful — continues to be the industry standard and provides the highest level of value to customers. More than 450,000 users have downloaded Veeam Backup & Replication v11 since its launch in Q1’21. V11 now enables organizations to accelerate cloud adoption of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google by ensuring data is reliably secured, protected, and managed from a single console. Veeam’s ransomware protection capabilities in Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam ONE™, and Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator (which reported 204% YoY growth) continue to provide customers with fast, reliable recovery options from cyberattacks, with various immutable storage options on-premises and in the cloud. This year as well Veeam will continue to protect users’ cloud, virtual and physical environments, with backup, recovery, and data management solutions that deliver Modern Data Protection.”

The future is ahead! 

With changes taking place at break-neck speed, brands want to adopt new technologies and launch products that are light in weight but high in speed and features. When it comes to storage, more compact and higher capacity internal and external SSDs, HDDs, MicroSD & SD Cards, and dual drives, will be the devices of choice. T2 & T3 are the emerging markets to be leveraged.

Mr. Srinivas Rao of Dell Technologies India,The future looks bright for edge computing as devices get smarter and computers run more complicated calculations and send more data. Edge computing satisfies the growing demand for quick and secure access to data, in the exact way that companies and consumers want it.

Currently, edge computing, integrating AI, IoT, and 5G, is expected to fetch added value to business outcomes. Harnessing the value of data with edge computing will not only lower workloads but will optimize networks and services to deliver flexible offerings to customers. The dependence on Internet-connected devices will increase, helping companies to excel in this competitive environment.”

Mr. Sanjeev Mehtani of Acer India, “As we know, the global pandemic has changed our lives. The new normal will emerge that includes lifestyle changes, and consequently the consumer buying behavior as well.

We are constantly working towards providing our customers and partners with products with the latest technologies to meet the evolving requirements.”

Mr. Dinesh Sharma of Asus India, “With the designs aimed at improving customer experience, we at ASUS are focused on equipping the consumers with personalized devices. We have been building upon a robust product roadmap. We will continue to study the evolving needs of consumers and offer products with the highest level of quality and differentiated features that are superior at every price point.

We aim to enable the professionals in their quest of ‘working from anywhere by providing them with the right technology. The increasing adoption of our devices in Tier II and Tier III cities has enabled us to supply the tech support to strengthen the roots of India. We will be working with various partners to help improve the learning experience and create a stronger innovation ecosystem in the country. The future roadmap for ASUS constitutes a lineup of innovative, high-performing devices which will help in constructing the future of the workforce and further sustaining it.”

Mr. Pramod Sharda of IceWarp, “Our main goal is to improve the IceWarp functionality while giving our clients more freedom. That’s also why we aim to have all of our features available as microservices, where the user can select the components they want to use and connect them in one system. Unlike our competitors with closed ecosystems, we want our clients to have a choice.”

Mr. Marthesh Nagendra of NETGEAR, “NETGEAR will continue to expand its product-lines into Wi-Fi 6 and mesh. We are committed to delivering value to our customers through value-added services in each of our products.

Now, everyone is eagerly awaiting Wi-Fi 6E, however, it will be a while before we see Wi-Fi 6E here in India.”

Mr. Jaganathan Chelliah of Western Digital, “In today’s digital economy, every industry is creating an insurmountable amount of data. Owing to this, the importance of data has only grown over the last few years, placing the storage industry at the core of this digital economy. Consumers are also becoming increasingly conscious of the importance of their data or content, which in turn is propelling the need for storage solutions to help them safeguard their memories.

They are looking at a one-time investment in a good offline storage device that serves as their primary content repository and works as a trusted partner to complement the cloud storage option. Thus, it is safe to say that the outlook for the portable storage solutions market remains positive and is relevant today more than ever as consumers are relying on terabytes worth of storage capacity in a sleek-sized offering.”

Mr. Bijoy Alaylo of TP-Link, “Launching new devices under different product lines in rural parts of India is on the cards for us for 2022.

We want more consumers to connect with our brand and keep on using TP-Link devices in their everyday lives. As a tech brand, our future is always to make consumers’ lives easier with the latest technology.”

Mr. Puneet Datta of Canon India, “The Year 2022 marks an all-new journey for all of us, be it the industry, our customers, or channel partners. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to become adaptable to the recurrent change around us. In lieu of this, we are gradually transforming ourselves and our business outlook and are tending to the recent industry developments. We are following all safety protocols and ensuring all our team members are fully vaccinated and request our channel partners to also replicate the same. 

In addition to this, we will also be working in collaboration with all our channel partners to ensure the demand for our products is met to the best of our ability. Channel partners have played an important role in our success story and as one of our key stakeholders. They have enabled us to strengthen our foothold in the industry and reach out to a diverse range of customers. We will continue to organize training programs (both on-ground and online) for partners and their sales teams to help them better understand the changing trends and how to adjust and cope with the new normal. We wish all our partners a Very Happy New Year full of business opportunities.”

Mr. Avinash Johri of MAXHUB, “MAXHUB’s focused confidence on the Indian market has reaped good results. We have grown by 200% in the past 3 years. We plan to maintain our current stance and key for a leadership position in the IFP segment max by next year. Other product lines will assist our customers in their educational and corporate needs while bolstering our market position.

MAXHUB cares for its customers and partners which reflects in our robust investments in R&D and Manufacturing in India.”

Mr. Sandeep Bhambure of Veeam Software, “Veeam is continuously innovating with a strong focus on innovation. In terms of growth, we recently announced our Q4’21 results wherein Veeam has achieved yet another quarter of double-digit growth with annual recurring revenue (ARR) increase of 27% year-over-year (YoY), globally. Q4 in APJ reported double-digit growth of 32% year-over-year (YoY), signifying 2021 as the company’s most successful year on record. Not only was revenue record-breaking, but Veeam closed 2021 as the #2 data protection vendor worldwide, ranked as a Leader for the fifth consecutive time in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solutions. Because of Veeam’s incredible growth trajectory, we are focusing on further enhancing our internal cybersecurity capabilities, with a focus on cyber resiliency and enriching the security-first mindset that our customers have come to expect from us. We have added over 400 features and capabilities to our solutions in the last few years alone, backed by the product development team. Our key focus for this year would be to deliver modern data protection solutions for the multi-cloud enterprise and help customers manage and back up all the new types of data that are critical to their environment.

We work relentlessly towards protecting consumers’ data against the growing ransomware attacks. Aims to add more layers of security and enhance the data protection functionality in the solutions as we are witnessing a surge in cybersecurity risks and data breaches and now organizations are looking for unique solutions to protect their data and systems. We will be announcing a new SaaS-based offering and will continue to improve our cloud-native solutions for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Office 365. From a technology standpoint, Veeam’s Kasten acquisition is an important next step to accommodate its customers’ shift to container adoption in order to protect Kubernetes-native workloads on-premises and across multi-cloud environments.”

To Sum Up

In 2022, the latest technological advancements and innovations will lead the trends with customers wanting better connectivity, higher speeds, more storage, and advanced features. Seamless omnichannel experiences will play a critical role in engaging with consumers; AI and ML will be a part of our daily lives; and WFH and LFH are going to trend since the Covid continues to persist in 2022, for the 3rd year in a row. The 5G and the improvements in the Wi-Fi 6 E category can dominate the connectivity and data movement. With T1 cities getting saturated with competition and the proliferation of devices, some brands see a growing opportunity in T2 and T3 cities in 2022. When it comes to storage, in the consumer segment, there will be greater demand on packing more storage capacity in the smallest form factor across the portfolio, including internal and external SSDs, HDDs, MicroSD & SD Cards, and dual drives. In the enterprise segment, the demand for high-capacity compact drives (up to 20TB) will grow. You will also see more products backed by NVMe technology.

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