Thursday, December 8, 2022

The gaming industry is projected to reach a whopping 50 billion USD in revenue. India has a big role in helping this gaming industry grow by leaps and bounds.

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Gaming in India has proved to be one of the most exciting and entertaining industries that are receiving ever-increasing investments from consumers and companies. It is estimated that in 2021, the gaming industry is projected to reach a whopping 50 billion USD in revenue. India has a big role in helping this gaming industry grow by leaps and bounds.
As per research conducted by KPMG, India will have around 190 million gamers by 2021 most of them being the younger generation coming into gaming. Here are a few gaming accessories to choose from




Dell Technologies has announced its new range of gaming computers including Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 and Dell G15 Ryzen Edition. Both the gaming laptops come with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Laptop GPU. The Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition features a display with QHD 240 Hz or FHD 360 Hz panels. The Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition features a 15-inch display and comes with the Dark Core feature that can help gamers play more attentively. With this feature, the interior shade of the laptop becomes darker which helps minimize distractions.

The gaming experience will be enhanced by AMD Ryzen 5000 H-Series Mobile Processors along with User-upgradeable 3200Mhz DDR4 memory. It is also the first Alienware Notebook which has the new Silky-Smooth High-Endurance paint formula.

The Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 comes with a mechanical keyboard which has been developed in partnership with Cherry MX.

The Dell G15 Ryzen Edition comes with a similar processor, GPU, and memory but it also has a functional key named Game shift. The key instantly enhances the cooling performance of the device to help gamers during intense gaming sessions. The G15 device can come with 120 Hz or 165 Hz panels. Dell G15 Ryzen Edition will be available in the US for $900 starting 4 May.




The CORSAIR VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless SE delivers a high-fidelity audio experience, all-day comfort from its premium memory foam earpads, and hyper-fast connectivity with SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS technology. From the lightest footstep to the deepest bass tone, you’ll hear more of everything with the VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless. A matched pair of precisely tuned 50mm high-density neodymium drivers boast a frequency range of 20Hz-40,000Hz – double what you’d get from most gaming headsets

Premium memory foam earpads that conform to the shape of your head, along with a lightweight headband, deliver pillow-soft, long-lasting comfort, enabling you to play for hours on end.

Machined aluminum construction means VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless offers the perfect blend of lightweight design, strong durability, and maximum comfort.


Samsung launches its all-new Smart Monitor

Samsung, India’s largest and most trusted consumer electronics brand today launched its all-new Smart Monitor with an innovative, Do-It-All screen that lets users enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, and other OTT apps, remotely connect with their office PC and also edit documents using Microsoft 365.

Designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of Indian Gen Z and millennials who are working, learning, and consuming entertainment at the same time, the premium lifestyle Smart Monitor incorporates powerful mobile and PC connectivity, remote home office and learning features as well as Smart Hub, a comprehensive entertainment hub, similar to Samsung’s built-in Smart TV platform, to watch OTT content seamlessly. Users can even get a desktop-like experience without a PC by connecting Galaxy phones to the Smart Monitor through Samsung DeX.

The super sleek Samsung Smart Monitor is designed to harmonize with all types of surroundings and add a modern look to your desk. It comes with a 3-side borderless display stretching from edge to edge for maximum viewing and a minimalist aesthetic.

Samsung’s advanced eye comfort technology reduces strain for more comfortable and prolonged usage. Flicker-Free technology continuously removes tiring and irritating screen flicker allowing you to use the monitor for longer with less fatigue while the Eye Saver Mode minimizes emitted blue light.

Ensures seamless work experience without a PC- The new Samsung Smart Monitor provides numerous connectivity options for both PCs and smartphones. Users can connect their personal mobile devices with just a simple tap using Tap View, App Casting, Screen Mirroring, or Apple AirPlay2. For a complete desktop experience using a mobile device, users can also connect their Galaxy smartphones to the monitor with Samsung DeX.
For home office and learning, the Smart Monitor operates Microsoft 365 applications without a PC thanks to embedded Wi-Fi, allowing users to view, edit and save documents on the cloud directly from the monitor, with help from their Bluetooth-connected keyboard and mouse.

Remote Access also allows users to wirelessly and remotely access files from a PC or view content from a laptop whether it is situated elsewhere in the house or at the office. The USB Type-C port allows for data, display, and power — up to 65W — with just a single connection, keeping the area around the monitor clean and beautiful.

Complete entertainment experience- When work is done, the display turns into a complete entertainment hub with the ability to stream content with Samsung’s Smart Hub. The monitor’s app store allows users to stream their favorite content including Netflix, HBO, and YouTube even without a connection to a PC or a mobile device. Content can easily be accessed with the Smart Monitor’s remote control, which includes hotkeys for streaming services. The display can also be controlled by voice using Samsung’s Bixby or other voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Multiple USB ports and Bluetooth 4.2 allow for additional connection versatility while the display has a built-in two-channel speaker so that users do not need to set up additional speakers.

Ensures viewing comfort- Samsung Smart Monitor also features technology designed to make viewing more comfortable. Adaptive Picture optimizes picture quality for any viewing environment by automatically adjusting brightness and color temperature in response to room conditions, using a sensor. Samsung’s Eye Saver Mode reduces blue light emissions while Flicker-Free technology removes screen flicker, allowing the use of the monitor for longer with less eye strain.
Widescreen view for gaming-The aspect ratio of the Samsung Smart Monitor can be changed be adjusted from 16:9 to 21:9, allowing a wider and more encompassing view while playing games, and viewing other widescreen content.



Logitech Slim Combo MK470 in a hands-on review

This quiet, wireless keyboard-mouse set for mobile and stationary use. The keyboard-mouse set for testing, the MK470 Slim Combo from Logitech. The set focuses on mobility and is therefore particularly thin, but is also supposed to be used on the desktop at home. Our hands-on test clarifies whether the MK470 can fully replace conventional keyboards and mice and is also the perfect companion for the on-the-go.

The MK470 is a wireless mouse and keyboard set that connects to a laptop or desktop PC via a wireless USB receiver. Due to its thin and slim dimensions, it should not only be used at home but also on the go, if the integrated laptop keyboard is not sufficient, for example, because there is no numeric keypad or longer typing tasks are pending,
This shiny gray plastic rail is also what is most likely to offend some people visually, since it does not convey a particularly high-quality look, depending on taste. The rail can be removed, and underneath is the battery compartment for 2 AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries as well as a holder for the small wireless USB receiver. However, the latter can also be stored in the mouse.

The layout of the keyboard looks very tidy, and there is a Numpad on the right side. The normal keys are about 1.6 x 1.6 cm (~0.63 x 0.63 in) and have a distance of about 3 mm to each other. For optical reasons, the corner keys are rounded just like the corners themselves, but this leads to unusually small size ratios especially in the upper, already reduced key row on the outer keys.

The mouse is rounded at all ends and measures about 10.6 to 10.7 cm (~4.17 to 4.21 in) at the central axis. In width, we measure about 5.8 cm (~2.3 in). On the bottom are two semicircular gliding feet and centrally an on/off switch and of course the optical sensor. The special thing, however, is the top. The very thin plastic cover with the “logic” lettering is easy to remove because it is only held in place by three quite strong magnets in the back half, the front half consists of two flexible buttons. We like the magnetic solution with the removable top cover. Under the cover is the compartment for the battery (1x AA), and there is also a small slot for the radio receiver.



AMD Processor RyzenTM ThreadripperTM

Experience unmatched PC computing experiences from high-performing and efficient desktop processors fueled by the world’s most advanced 7nm processor core technology.
Today’s cutting-edge product development relies on incredible precision balanced with rapid time to market. Companies of all sizes rely on computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to deliver on both of those needs. At the heart of the CAM, the process is the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling machine, which is used to manufacture a variety of complex, high-precision parts and devices for consumer and industrial applications. Precise control of a CNC cutting tool is what enables manufacturers to produce thousands of parts with the same quality within specified tolerances. Using CAM software, manufacturers can automatically calculate the intricate tool paths of CNC machinery—driving new levels of speed and efficiency across their operations

To get the highest performance, CAM software needs to run on professional workstations, powered by the right processors. For example, calculating the ideal tool path is a multi-threaded process. So, an AMD RyzenTM ThreadripperTM PRO 3995WX processor with 64 cores is perfectly suited for the task.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO processors are fantastic for multi-threaded tasks like product simulations, generative design, and tool path optimization. Manufacturing design tasks, such as 3D modeling and design, are lightly threaded. So, they benefit more from a higher CPU clock speed, rather than more CPU cores. Threadripper PRO processors not only deliver high multi-threaded performance, but they also offer best-in-class single-threaded performance as well1. In fact, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3945WX is the first 12-core professional workstation processor with a base clock speed of 4.0GHz, ideal for 3D modeling and design workloads.



Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Champion Series Gaming Mouse

Featuring an unassuming design that belies its feature set, the $59.99 Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Champion Series does more than your average esports mouse. It’s lighter than it appears, offers strong hand support, and lets you tweak DPI settings with a quick button combo. The Sabre RGB Pro’s creative ideas and solid fundamentals make it a noteworthy esports mouse, despite questions surrounding 8000Hz hype rolling and its effectiveness.
In the macro sense, the Sabre RGB Pro is a conventional, wired, 6-button gaming mouse. Measuring a slightly short 1.38 by 2.72 by 5.03 inches (HWD), its nondescript, matte black, plastic chassis and two RGB lighting elements look downright plain. The Sabre RGB Pro has the typical button array: a scroll wheel, two-click panels, and a DPI cycle in the center column. It also features two, large, boxy side buttons.

The Sabre RGB Pro’s chassis shows no signs of the mouse being made for esports. It isn’t too small, and it isn’t a faux-ambidextrous shape that lacks hand support. On the contrary, Sabre RGB Pro’s comfortable to hold for long stretches. Despite that, it weighs just 2.43 ounces. Many manufacturers make their mice extra small, or simply forge ergonomic designs, to hit that low weight number



Thermal Take CyberChair E500 White Edition

The CyberChair E500 White Edition is an ergonomic chair constructed with high tension permeable mesh cushioning, a sturdy aluminum framework, and a heavy-duty base. Various functions of the chair including the headrest, seat depth, seat height, and 4D armrest can all be adjusted, and the four-segment seat back allows back tilt angles of up to 117 degrees designed according to your needs. The CyberChair E500 White Edition aims to provide unparalleled comfort and utmost adjustability to your work and gaming stations

Elastic and breathable mesh surface with a soft touch. Passed SGS 100,000 impact fatigue tests, and the California Technical Bulletin 117 flame resistance test.
Whether it is leaning forward or lying backward to relax, the CyberChair E500 White Edition provides extensive back angle support from 90° up to 117. Using the aluminum alloy integral molding method, the CyberChair E500 White Edition brings durability, sturdiness, and elegance all at once. The wheels are PU-covered and large 3” caster wheels for quiet wheeling and enhanced stability. Heavy-duty 5-star aluminum base measures 70cm (27.5in) in diameter and weight support up to 150kg (331lb).



Ant Esports ICE-C612 With RGB LED PWM CPU Cooler

Ant Esports ICE-C612 made for custom PC-Builders & gamers. Having PWM Silent FAN, It smartly controls the fan speed with respect to the temperature of the CPU. It has an effortless installation as the fan bracket makes removing & upgrading a super easy task. Featuring 6mm thick aluminum fins and 4 direct touch copper heat pipes for effective heat dissipation. It comes with a rainbow LED PWM fan to give an absolute visual treat. It also has universal compatibility with all types of major CPU Sockets.

It has a direct Contact Technology: 4 heat pipes with Direct Contact Technology effectively provide excellent heat dissipation.PWM Silent Fan: Automatically controls the fan speed according to the temperature of the CPU efficiently and decreases fan noise.RGB Illumination: With a vision of revolutionizing a whole new frontier of cooling performance, Ant Esports ICE- C 612 with RGB LED PWM Fan gives you an absolute visual treat. It has an optimized Fin Design: Aluminum Fin Array with Tunnel Effect layout creates micro vortices that boost the airflow and circulate it around the heat pipes. It has High-Performance Heat Pipes: C612 is equipped with four 6mm heat pipes which are a key component for high cooling performance



WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive

Built for 24/7, always-on, high-definition security systems. With a supported workload rate of up to 180 TB/yr1 and support for up to 64 cameras, WD Purple drives are optimized for surveillance systems. WD Purple 8TB, 10TB, 12TB, 14TB & 18TB drives are designed to support Deep Learning analytics in AI capable NVRs and feature an enhanced workload rating of up to 360TB/yr WD Purple drives have been engineered specifically for the extreme demands of high temperature, 24/7 surveillance systems. From a worldwide leader in the storage industry, WD Purple is engineered for quality video playback when you need it most.WD Purple drives are optimized to support up to 64 cameras, giving you the flexibility to upgrade or expand your security system. With A Wide Range Of Industry-Leading Enclosures And Chipsets Supported, You’re Sure To Find The Configuration And seamless integration. The WD Purple Drive Is Designed For Both Dvr And Nvr Security Systems And Is Compatible With Many Of The The Leading Surveillance And Security Manufacturers. We Can Help You Find The Perfect Storage For Your System.



ADATA XPG GAMMIX D20 DDR4 memory RAM Gaming Memory

The XPG GAMMIX D20 DDR4 memory module is like a vigilante rising from the darkness. Its stealthy 4133MHz performance and sinister black exterior will strike fear into the heart of any opponent. The GAMMIX D20 sports an intimidating black or gray heatsink that’ll overshadow its flashier peers.
Made with high-quality PCBs and put through a rigorous quality control process, the GAMMIX D20 reaches speeds of up to 4133MHz.
The GAMMIX D20 has full XMP 2.0 compatibility to make overclocking effortless when installed on PCs that also support XMP 2.0: better performance, less steps needed!
The GAMMIX D20 has full XMP 2.0 compatibility to make overclocking effortless when installed on PCs that also support XMP 2.0: better performance, less steps needed!



Meshify 2 Compact Dark Tempered Glass

Meshify 2 Compact is a high-performing case with a bold, stealth-inspired aesthetic. Its striking exterior features bolt-free, flush tempered glass, a fully removable top panel granting excellent interior access, and a front USB 3.1 Type-C port.
The Meshify 2 Compact features a Fractal-signature front panel, with contours that form a rough but geometric surface. It looks like someone grabbed a sheet of metal mesh and gave it a proper beating with a triangle-headed hammer, and its asymmetrical design makes the case look unique and a bit edgy.

As this panel is entirely built out of a metal mesh, air will be able to pass straight through into the case with ease, and a pair of Fractal Design’s 140mm Dynamic X2 GP-14 fans mounted just behind the front panel help to accelerate the flow. That’s a nice change from many recent cases from NZXT or Razer, which feature solid front panels.

The panel on the right side of the case is a simple sheet of steel, while the left panel on our review unit is constructed out of tempered glass. Fractal Design also offers an alternative version of the Meshify 2 that omits the glass and has steel panels on both sides, but other than that, the two cases are identical.




The GALAX GeForce GTX 960 GAMER OCis a high-performance graphics card, designed for the small form factor (ITX) cases, built with an advanced dual-fan cooler and 3 copper heat pipes to keep both temps and noise to a minimum. It is Black PCB, Designed for small form factor cases, Advanced Dual fan cooler with 3 copper heat pipes to keep both temps and noise to a minimum, Quad mixed-gauge heat pipes ensure maximum heat dissipation, Silence Extreme update to “Silence Extreme Plus” technology, the fan will stop spinning completely when Idle, True 0db, perfect for HTPC and Full HD entertainment and Copper base with solid aluminum cover

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