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The Domestic Ant Esports is Giving Tough Competition to Global Gaming Brands in India – It is No. 1 Gaming Chassis & Computer Power Supply Brand in India

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Ant Esports is giving tough competition to global gaming brands in India. It is the number one gaming chassis and computer power supply brand in India. During an exclusive interaction with NCN Magazine, Mr. Himanshu Jain, Director at ANT Esports shares insights into their remarkable journey and future plans.

Could you provide us with an overview of your journey?

In 2017, Ant Esports emerged onto the scene, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. Initially focusing on distributing leading global brands in computer hardware and peripherals, such as Razer, G.Skill, MSI, ADATA, XPG, QNAP, Asus, Deepcool, and more, Ant Esports swiftly recognized a significant gap in the market. Despite a burgeoning demand for top-tier quality products, there existed a palpable disparity between consumer expectations and affordability. Sensing this void, Ant Esports seized the opportunity to introduce an Indian brand capable of rivaling international standards while maintaining an attractive price point.

Starting with gaming chairs, Ant Esports garnered attention for its commitment to quality and affordability. Expanding its offerings to include computer cabinets, power supplies, keyboards, mice, projectors, mouse pads, gaming glasses, and various other peripherals, the brand solidified its presence in the market. Leveraging its extensive distribution network and years of industry experience, Ant Esports effectively catered to a diverse clientele across India, supplying to e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart, as well as large format retailers such as Reliance and Chroma.

The response from both customers and dealers has been overwhelmingly positive, validating the brand’s strategic positioning and exceptional product value. Venturing into the SSD business further bolstered Ant Esports’ reputation, garnering widespread acceptance and praise within the market. The brand’s success is not merely reflected in sales figures but also in the loyalty of its customer base, evident from the influx of messages and emails expressing admiration for Ant Esports across various social media platforms.

In a remarkable testament to its fanbase, Ant Esports witnessed a customer displaying unwavering devotion by getting a tattoo of the brand’s logo—an extraordinary demonstration of brand loyalty and affinity. The team at Acro, behind the Ant Esports brand, takes pride in this dedicated following, recognizing it as a tangible manifestation of the brand’s impact and resonance among consumers.

The inception of the brand name itself speaks volumes about its ethos and values. Rooted in meticulous research and thoughtful consideration, “Ant” was chosen for its symbolic resonance with the gaming community. Much like the industrious and resilient nature of ants, gamers operate within their own ecosystems, characterized by camaraderie, perseverance, and teamwork. The parallel between ants and gamers extends further, emphasizing the remarkable strength and collective effort exhibited by both communities.

Driven by a vision to embody perfection and uphold the spirit of unity and resilience, Ant Esports continues to redefine the gaming peripherals landscape in India. With its unwavering commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, the brand stands poised to scale new heights and leave an indelible mark on the gaming industry.

What changes have you seen in the industry?

In today’s market, consumers prioritize both aesthetics and functionality when selecting computer peripherals. The demand for sleek, visually appealing designs with tempered glass, RGB lighting, and efficient air cooling solutions is on the rise. Additionally, buyers are increasingly discerning about the specific hardware features they require. Whether it’s choosing between membrane and mechanical keyboards or selecting the appropriate wattage for a power supply, consumers are well-informed and meticulous in their purchasing decisions.

This shift in consumer behavior marks a significant departure from the past, where sellers held more sway over product selection. With access to vast online resources, including reviews, tutorials, and product demonstrations on platforms like YouTube, today’s buyers conduct thorough research before making a purchase. Particularly noteworthy is the astuteness of the younger generation, often referred to as Gen Z, who exhibit an impressive level of knowledge and discernment when it comes to technology.

The evolution of the market into a buyer-centric landscape underscores the importance of catering to the informed preferences of consumers. Manufacturers and retailers must adapt to this paradigm shift by offering products that not only meet functional requirements but also align with consumers’ aesthetic preferences and technological expectations.

What are your current plan?

We aim to provide OEM services to both A-plus and B brands in India, offering comprehensive support, including locally manufactured power supplies and warranty services. Our goal is to enhance the market’s offerings while ensuring quality and reliability for all our partners.

How many versions do you have of power supply?

We have eight power supply models ready for manufacturing in India, marking a significant step towards local production and strengthening our presence in the market.

How are you using different technology from around the world?

Our production process involves a blend of components sourced from various countries: Japanese capacitors, technical expertise from Taiwan, and manufacturing kits from China, ensuring quality and efficiency in our products.

What is your vision for next 5 years?

The market is transitioning from its infancy to maturity, signaling the opportune moment for expansion. Currently, our diverse portfolio includes over 60 models of computer cabinets and a vast range of peripherals. We’re also expanding our offerings in projectors, with three models available and five more in the pipeline, alongside spike busters and other accessories. The overwhelming response from our channel partners affirms our decision to scale up and enhance our product ecosystem, ensuring we meet the evolving needs of our customers and capitalize on emerging market trends.

How are your products challenging international brands?

Our internal gaming enthusiasts conduct rigorous stress tests on our products, providing invaluable insights into market trends for the coming months. We meticulously develop and test samples, scrutinizing every aspect down to the smallest screw level. Our stringent SOP ensures that products meet our high standards before reaching customers, preventing any failures post-purchase. Customer satisfaction is paramount; whether purchasing entry-level or premium products, we strive to instill pride in ownership. This commitment extends to our packaging and overall product quality. Our dedicated portal allows customers to log complaints easily, with our technical team promptly addressing any issues. We prioritize proactive problem-solving, ensuring that every customer interaction reinforces our reputation for reliability and excellence.

How do you provide customer service?

With a network of 17 branches spanning India, we’ve partnered with various service providers and courier companies like BlueDart to streamline our customer service process. Through our automated portal, customers can easily log service requests, triggering a swift reverse pickup arranged by BlueDart. We prioritize customer convenience, immediately dispatching replacement products from our warehouse once the pickup is initiated, demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What are you doing in the AI segment?

As AI-based gaming evolves, so do our offerings. From gaming glasses to versatile gaming wheels that connect to TVs, laptops, or computers, we’re embracing technological advancements. Our products, like keyboards compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and televisions, demonstrate our commitment to adaptability. For instance, our wireless keyboard seamlessly transitions between Bluetooth and wired connections, showcasing our dedication to providing innovative solutions to meet diverse gaming needs.

Which programs are you running for educating partners?

With a network of 500 direct partners, our extensive sales team conducts regular technical training sessions, annual trips, and regional training programs. We provide educational videos, EDMs, and detailed product lists to ensure our partners are well-informed. Emphasizing the importance of product positioning, we educate partners on the unique features and selling points of each Ant Esports product. This strategic approach ensures that our partners are equipped to effectively market and sell our products in line with their distinct value propositions.

What are your recent achievements?

Ant Esports achieved over 120% growth last year and aims for over 100% growth this year, reflecting a significant 4x growth in two years. Quality and trust are paramount, built over years, ensuring every customer becomes a proud advocate of our brand.

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