“ TAIT leadership has always been challenging the challenge”

“ TAIT leadership has always been challenging the challenge”

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TAIT is an India’s premier leading IT association in Mumbai with the mission to help members to solve their trade-related issues, understand how to improve their business, forge new alliances with vendors and other partners, and negotiate with the authorities regarding policy-related changes. TAIT members, who are part of IT ecosystem, include distributors, sub-distributors, resellers, retailers, system Integrators, solution providers, software developers and service providers. In an interaction with Samir Parekh, President, TAIT & Viren Bavishi, General Secretary, TAIT about the association’s activities and future initiatives.

Being a proactive IT association, what is the overall performance of TAIT?
Incepted in 1996 it means we completed 23 Years. TAIT has come a long way but certainly we feel we have Miles to Go for Best IT association’s title. Year after year our responsibility has increased towards our members and IT Fraternity. Having 12 Directors from varied fields of IT Trade, Solutions/Manufacturing and Services are always ready to work for the cause. Different kind of activities conducted on very regular basis by TAIT which is beyond match with wide spectrum of efforts which meant overall growth of member’s business and making business life easy for each one of them. TAIT has enviable track record of attending to member’s problems and coordination with Vendors/OEMs. This is certainly a result of efforts put in by all the TAIT leaders at helm in last more than two decades.

What are the key focus areas of your association?
Spreading and maintaining business ethics amongst every member and engaging with members for resolving day to day challenges in competitive time like this are tough but TAIT is determined and managing the same with ease.

Could you highlight the trade promotional activities of the TAIT?
Every month we do conduct TAIT Knowledge series, wherein members get updated for professional as well as product skills. During these Knowledge Series Events, members gets opportunity to promote their products at a token fee, which may give a big boost to their business. We do receive meeting request by business delegation from various countries, and the same is forwarded to members to explore new business opportunities. TAIT supports various other technology and trade events, where our members gets preferential treatment, and get huge networking opportunities.

What sort of challenges are you facing during the implementation of the programme?
By basic nature, TAIT leadership has always been challenging the Challenge. Every new initiative will face some or other challenge, and to overcome the same is TAIT’s strength. With a very capable TAIT Board of Directors on the Job, we would certainly not consider them as challenge and would rather avoid discussing them.

What are the activities you’re planning in the year 2019?
IT Trade is something where financial discipline is a cause of big concern. This was something TAIT took seriously, and we are proud to announce TAIT as the first IT association to offer all its members, a tool, to review their buyers and caution others. This is free of cost for TAIT members. We would certainly welcome other associations also to come forward and make good use of the same tool, To safe guard all their members to get trapped by defaulters. This portal would provide accurate information about any buyer’s defaults, once uploaded by all, That would give entire IT Fraternity a reference to follow.

What are your future plans?
TAIT recently acquired a new office with bigger space and better amenities. President has a vision to run continuous education programme for staff of TAIT members, which would greatly help growth of member companies. Also, growth of membership is on the agenda, entire team is working on the same.