Friday, October 7, 2022

TAF-COP’s role for telecom users

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There are no prizes for guessing that telecom-related fraud is sharply on the rise. Many hapless individuals have fallen prey to it unwittingly. But now help is at hand. The Indian government has established the Digital Intelligence Unit to examine telecom-related fraud.

Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection (TAF-COP), launched by Department of Telecommunications under the Government of India is aiming to enhance and secure Digital Intelligence. It will work with several financial institutions and communications providers to receive complaints about unwanted commercial communications and work towards safeguarding the interests of citizens against telecom fraud. ‘Empowering consumers strengthening security’ is its credo. 

TAF-COP aims in boosting general public’s confidence regarding the safe use of the digital ecosystem, with the overarching aim of creating an enhanced and secure Digital India.

To enable maximum citizens to make the best use of it, the TAF-COP website has an easy operating procedure. The language and process is quite simple to understand and follow, devoid of any complicated jargon.

As per the new regulation, every customer may have up to 9 telecom connections associated with their identification. Moreover, there are additional regulations in place, such as confirming your residence information via call. A hefty fine has been imposed for the sale of pre-activated SIM cards, which now punishable a punishable offence.

To find out how the process works and to derive the maximum benefit from it, it’s a good idea for any user to visit the TAF-COP website. Do spend a few minutes to go through it and understand the rules and guidelines, as well as gain from the advantages as a consumer and citizen of India.

For instance – A single user can possess a maximum of 9 phone numbers. So, if you attempt to purchase an additional eSim using the same identity, an alert message will be sent to your mobile number. It alerts you from procuring another card as you have already reached your maximum limit. Similarly, if another person (say, stranger) attempts to use your identity to buy a sim card using, you’ll be alerted instantly.

No more sleepless night worrying if some prankster or lawbreaker is using your phone identity fraudulently without your having the slightest hint about it.

Though the facility is currently available to resident citizens of certain states, more names are fast being included to enable each and every user to benefit from this.

Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) refers to any commercial communication that a subscriber chooses not to receive. It should not however, contain any transactional messages or messages delivered in accordance with instructions from the federal, state, or any other government-approved agency. Phishing calls come under the umbrella of UCC.

TAF-COP that is an analytics portal to prevent fraudulent activities through telecom resources is working towards curbing of the number of telecom frauds through unauthorized SIM access.

Mr Hrithik Lall, Chief Technical Officer, IEMLabs


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