Thursday, December 8, 2022

Supertron Electronics Aims to Reinvent, Hold Stakeholders Together and Achieve Higher Growth in 2022

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Supertron Electronics is one of the leading Indian companies in IT product distribution and services, was started with the aim of providing cost-effective products and solutions in all areas of IT industry.

Mr. V.K. Bhandari, CMD, Supertron

During an interaction with NCN Magazine, Mr. V.K. Bhandari, CMD, Supertron, shares his views on how the company has catalysed their main competencies and competitive advantages to emerge as one of the leading IT distributors in India.

Kindly brief us about Supertron

Supertron is one of the leading companies in IT products and has a wide product portfolio that includes servers, desktops, laptops, PC components, peripherals, memory modules, and storage products from global brands like Seagate, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, LG, TP Link, ZOTAC, and AMD, among others. The company is very channel-friendly and provides a lot of opportunities for the channel partners and believes that the growth of the organisation lies in the growth of the channel partners.

Mr. V K Bhandari says, “The whole industry is going and there are fast verticals going nearer to channel partners. We give enough scope for the channel partners to earn more money. While working with SI partners, we give them technical expertise and value for money products. “

Aside from product supply, Supertron collaborates extensively with SI partners while focusing on the B2B space. The company focuses on solution selling through wide network of SI partners. Supertron has a robust presence across all formats of the business, including traditional retail, modern trade outlets, and the online marketplace. Supertron also offers proper training and helps to hone the existing skills of the partners and employees in a person.

What are the challenges and changes in the distribution business in India?

Supertron has a robust presence across all formats of the business, including traditional retail, modern trade outlets, and the online marketplace. Its long association with the heartland of the Indian marketplace empowers brands to make an informed choice in product selection, pricing, and distribution strategy.

The brand tries to reinvent itself at every stage to give the best of the products to the customers. The Supertron team works closely with all the vendors to promote the products within the channel community. The brand focuses on activating new partners and educating partners on product and positioning fronts.

Speaking on the challenges in the distribution business, Mr. Bhandari adds, “Technology is changing, so are LFR opportunities, and there is a widening of product lines, but growth is constant as long as the person is upgrading his knowledge and reinventing.”

What is the success mantra?

The success of a company lies in the upholding a transparent work culture and ethical business practises in everything that the company does. Supertron aims to foster a culture of innovation, free thinking, and empowerment in everything that we do. Supertron has shown exponential growth in recent years due to its commitment to providing quality products to corporate clients with networking, servers, and cloud computing solutions.

Speaking about the success mantra, Mr. Bhandari says, “Our company runs like a system with constant upgradation. Passion and honesty are the success mantras at Supertron. Our aim is to get the stakeholders to work together. We are a growing organization.”

What message do you want to give to enterprises?

The brand is uniquely placed to ride the growth wave as it adds more brands to its portfolio of distribution, brings in new market insights and forges new relationships.

While concluding, Mr. Bhandari says, “For enterprises, I would request them to grow with zeal, passion, energy, and experience and try to build their own brand and credentials.”


Supertron runs like a system with constant upgradation with passion, honesty, transparent work culture and ethical business practises as the success mantras.

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