ESCONET Completes 23 Yrs of Successful Journey, Launches Completely Self-Owned ZEACLOUD

ESCONET Completes 23 Yrs of Successful Journey, Launches Completely Self-Owned ZEACLOUD

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Today, the New Delhi-based ESCONET is a complete IT solutions provider, covering IT infrastructure, business continuity solutions, messaging & collaboration, cloud and IoT, datacenter, storage, networking, security, data protection and virtualization. The company recently celebrated their 23 years of presence in the IT industry and also launches their completely self-owned ZEACLOUD. In an interaction with NCN, Santosh Agrawal and Sunil Agrawal of ESCONENT, share their company’s approach, strategy and vision.

Santosh Agrawal comments, “We have been into Cloud services since 2010. Currently, our main focus is on providing services related to backup, disaster recovery, virtualization, network virtualization, SDWAN, etc. Connectivity has been very poor in India, where in most cases customers rely on distributed network. Our SDWAN integrates all backend factors to make the connectivity more easy and effective. Customers for services include enterprises, and government organizations, besides others.”

To shed some light on the eventful history of ESCONET, Electrosales, the pre-cursor company of ESCONET, was taken over by Santosh Agrawal and Sunil Agrwal in 1998. In 2000, Electrosales became Authorized System Integrator of D-Link; in 2004, became Cisco Premier Partner; in 2005 EMC Velocity Partner; in 2007, VMware Professional Partner; in 2008, VMware Enterprise Partner, offering Server Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization and Business Continuity solutions. In 2012, Electrosales was rechristened as ESCONET.

“Recently, we launched our new cloud-based solution ZEACLOUD, which is completely owned by us it will be local-vocal. Though there are some more players in this field, we are offering customized services to the customers according to their specific needs—the customer need not spend extra over his real needs, whereas other companies have some standardized packages and the customer has to choose one of those packages. And the customer has to pay for all the features in that package whether he needs them or not,” adds Santosh Agrawal.

The merits of Esconet’s services include flexibility in customization; blazing fast all-flash storage; 40G network backbone; pay-as-you-go hourly rates; channel-friendly approach; etc. ESCONET focuses on optimizing client experience with its emphasis on applying the latest innovations and emerging technologies. This helps the clients of ESCONET derive assured profits and gain competitive edge.

Talking about their message to partners, Sunil Agrawal states, “The days are gone when we could run the businesses sitting inside the four walls and making calls. The partners should go the customers know their real needs and convince what better they could provide to the clients to. In the current situation, our services and solutions offer a lot of opportunities to the partners and customers, so partners should learn how to promote these services, convince them and make best use of these opportunities.” 

ESCONET is dedicated to provide, both small and large businesses, with technology that is customized to suit their specific needs designed to garner optimum tangible results. ESCONET provides cutting-edge and affordable solutions to medium-sized companies and startups which do not have financial strength to own the entire necessary infrastructure to manage data, apps, etc so they are opting to depend on cloud-based solutions which are less-expensive and have high capacity computing power.