Thursday, December 8, 2022

Selecting the 5 Best Electronic Signature Vendors of 2022– Mr. Arun Meena, Founder & CEO, RHA Technologies

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Electronic Signature is the future of enterprise software solutions specially for Smart Digital Document Transformation. Today’s Ease of Doing Business imperative has made it necessary that organisations large and small adopt the most effective and compatible Electronic Signature solution.

Additionally, when keeping a physical distance is of top concern, companies can efficiently execute their processes using Electronic Signature capabilities. eSignature capabilities are also one of the most hassle-free technologies of this digital era. The emergence of COVID-19 stimulated the surge of electronic signature adopters amongst businesses by 50% and average households by 13%. According to Airslate’s eSignature study, most of these new electronic signature adopters will undoubtedly continue with electronic document signing rather than returning to in-person signing post-pandemic. 

Having the most effective electronic signature software solutions offered in the market provides businesses with an excellent benefit over others. From recruitment to selecting technology for your workforce, there needs to be a consistent focus on your company’s requirements to remain on top. This competitive edge can be accomplished in several ways. Electronic Signature is one such intelligent ingenious solution that modern companies have acquired and regularly used for years. The question really comes down to knowing how to decide which is the best Electronic Signature solution for your specific business needs and plans.

What makes a great electronic signature vendor?

One of the essential attributes of any electronic signature service provider is the ease in adding an electronic signature. The less complicated it is to create and save that Signature, the better the user experience. However, there’s more to an electronic signature vendor than just the Signature. It is specifically helpful to send the document for other individuals to sign and then monitor its progress from a linked dashboard. 

What is an Electronic Signature?

In simple terms, an electronic signature is a technique for obtaining consent or authorization on any digital document. This Signature has the same lawful standing as a physical signature. There are specific demands defined in every nation to legally regulate the correct usage of electronic signatures. 

Let’s look at the top 5 Electronic Signature Vendors of 2022:

  1. DocuSign – Best for Agreement/Contract Management
  2. MSB Docs – Truly Enterprise Solution across use cases
  3. AdobeSign – eSign Solution made for SMBs
  4. Leegality – Tailored solutions for start-ups and banks
  5. SignEasy – Truly Mobile Electronic Signature Solution

DocuSign is one of the most preferred eSignature solutions with over 200 million customers worldwide. They are a specialized eSignature service provider, and they come with plenty of integrations, trusted file encryption facility, and are excellent for companies with processes that match the DocuSign offerings without the need for customisation. Top features of DocuSign include, Remote signing, Status visibility, Multi-language support, Templates, Integrations and Easy Data Collection.

MSB Docs enables eSignature and beyond capabilities. MSB Docs offers end-to-end document management and workflows that easily fit your existing processes and is very customisable. It is a truly enterprise solution that simplifies complex document workflows and creates superior, next-gen eSigning experiences for various industries, including pharmaceutical, lab & life sciences, healthcare, automotive, education, banking & finance, etc. This application comes with amazingly unique features that are hard to find such as bulk compose/sign/send, scan to email utility, teamroom, 21 CFR compliance, bring your certificate, field segregation (for stamp and sign), delegation, MSB smart forms, rubber stamp, text tags and more. Top features of MSB Docs are Customizable Solutions, Easy to Implement & Use, Legally Compliant, Cloud Agnostic Deployment, and Convenience in Choose Pricing Plans.

Adobe Sign, as the name suggests, is among the most significant software service providers worldwide whose capabilities are rooted in its PDF foundation. It works with Microsoft Office and is extensively used by companies and professionals. Adobe’s attributes differ from the plan you choose. There are three plans offered currently: Acrobat PDF pack with eSign, Acrobat Pro DC with eSign, Acrobat Pro DC with advanced eSign. Top features of Adobe Sign include Legal Compliance, Easy Payment Collection, Advanced eSignature Tools, Ability to sign PDFs and Documents, Collaborate on PDFs and Automatic notifications and reminders.

Leegality customers are mostly banks and SMBs. They have liberty to select from the comprehensive eSign stack, which consists of Aadhaar eSign, DSC token, Physical Sign Capture, Offline Aadhaar, PAN eSign, DOC Signer, and HSM Signer. In addition to eSigning functionality, Leegality enables its customers to electronically affix stamp paper on the contracts. Top features of Leegality are Comprehensive eSign Stack, Digital Stamping, Powerful Integrations and Document Workflow Management.

SignEasy enables signing documents from anywhere, regardless of which device is being used. This cloud-based eSignature service is also optimized exceptionally well to offer mobile phone and tablet users the most effective eSign solution experience. SignEasy has more than 8 million users and 35,000 companies streamlining service company processes with eSignature capabilities. Top features of SignEasy include Seamless signing experience, Works for everyone – Individual, SMBs, Developers & ISVs, Anywhere and any device accessibility, Multiple file formats, and Wet, Ink-like signatures.

Each of these solutions addresses business challenges of manual paper-based processes and assists in accomplishing digital transformational results. Paperwork no longer has to be completed or filled in physically to make them legally binding. A growing number of businesses are going paperless by electronically signing and sending crucial documents like agreements, as companies can now operate and manage via mobile phones. So, pick any one among these, which meets your needs, and your organisation will be definitely improve business results across the board.

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