Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Samsung Rolls Out Next Gen Galaxy Tab S

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samsung15-7-14Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd recently announced their next gen Galaxy Tab S, the thinnest and lightest device with Super AMOLED display that delivers an extraordinary tablet experience. This tablet with the most advanced super AMOLED display comes with a full range of premium content for a great entertainment experience. This tab comes in 10.5 inch and 8.4 inch versions and is powered with enhanced productivity features for effortless multitasking, all housed in an highly elegant, stylish and practical design. These tablets have 3G plus calling with LTE feature inbuilt.

On this occasion, SK Kim, Managing Director – Sales, Samsung India Electronics, said, “Our success is due to our commitment to our customers and our ability to understand their true needs and multiple tasks in the present day technology-driven environment. We have committed substantial resources to R&D and to study the true needs of the customers.”

Asim Warsi, VP, Mobile & IT, Samsung India, “Today tablets have become an integral part of our lives so much so we cannot image our life without them. Taking a quick look at Samsung’s success story worldwide, our growth had been rapid year over year. Our tablet sale growth has been consistent with the growth of the worldwide tablet market growth rate. We made over 190 million tablet shipments worldwide last year. Today, the number of tablet sales has surpassed the number of sale of PCs and laptops. In 2011, Samsung’s worldwide market share was just 10%. In 3 yrs time, Samsung has doubled its market share to 22%. Closer to home, in India, recently we have taken a lot special initiatives to increase the tablet consumption. The results speak for themselves as today Samsung has nearly 50% share in tablets in the Indian market. The strong acceptance of Samsung tablets is the result of relentless efforts and investments we made in consumer insights and needs. We found that consumers in India use tablets mainly for video and entertainment. People want to see high definition movies. To immerse and captivate the human experience is truly part of Samsung’s DNA. We at Samsung see this as an opportunity. We provide such displays that parallel the picture quality and user experience. Our tablets tell you the difference between the tablets available in the market and what lies in the future. Our Galaxy Tab S is our latest innovation as a part of our commitment to provide new innovations on continual basis to our customers.”

Samsung’s consistently surprises the world with its innovations. Its products speak volumes while the brand stands aloft as ever.

Sachin Thapar, Director, Note PC and Digital Imaging, said, “The launch of Samsung Tab S brings forth an experience only that Samsung can provide. Our elegant displays talk not only of the pixel density, but also of pixel quality. Our displays reproduce colors accurately. Super AMOLED display brings a whole new world of details to the user. Visual spectrum, visual depth and image quality are our benchmarks. This display brings forth unimpeded color and detail. Super-AMOLED display gives 20% more color spectrum than our eyes are expected to see with outstanding outdoor visibility and real life colors with contrast ratio 100 times better over normal displays. To make the experience better, we have incorporated our adaptive display technology in Galaxy Tab S that adapts to both the eyes in contact as well as to the environment. Our screen technology finetunes sharpness and contrast. It automatically optimizes color for 17 native apps such as ebook reader, browser, video, etc. Our tablet is very thin and still gives 11 hr battery time. For instance, when you are reading the facebook, Super AMOLED display optimizes the appearance of text and color. Galaxy Tab S comes with a lot of free premium content, rewards and gift vouchers for customers. Super AMOLED display is 40% less reflective than LCD screens and uses less power compared to other displays. Our display is incredibly thin and yet gives high battery life.”

The Tab S also lends itself beautifully to the magazine format and there are 21 magazines you can subscribe for three months. Super AMOLED screen is only 6.6 mm thick with so many amazing capabilities. The display is pretty strong and the tablet weighs only 464 grams.

Sachin adds, “You cannot have a comfortable ecosystem of mobile devices without good connectivity that enhances usability and increases productivity. Connectivity of Galaxy Tab S goes to next level with remote PC feature which allows you to access your home PC wirelessly and operate it remotely, copy and edits documents. You can even transfer data files from your smartphone to your tablet. eMeeting feature allows all the members in the meeting room to connect themselves to the tablets and edit the documents. WebX feature allows video conferencing with people at different places in the world. Last but not the least is security where the Samsung Galaxy Tab S maintains high standard. Videos, documents and everything is locked. Only your fingerprint can unlock them. This is the Samsung’s first finger print enabled tablet. Further, with this technology 8 people can save their data independently. These new tablets take enlightenment to the next level.”

“We are excited to unveil the new Galaxy Tab S offering with a dazzling display, exquisite slim design and finest performance to our Indian consumers. This technological marvel is thinnest, lightest and is equipped with Super AMOLED touchscreen. With innovation at the core of our mission to lead the tablet segment, launch of Galaxy Tab S will further propel us in this growing category and facilitate ground-breaking success,” adds Asim Warsi.

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