BXB Professional live streaming can be made as easy as possible!

BXB Professional live streaming can be made as easy as possible!


Simply record your meeting, seminar, training, and product release and then live stream to every mainstream platform

HDR-731 is an all-in-one video processor to make professional live streaming and video production as easy as possible. It integrates video recording, live streaming, video seamless switch, and dynamic video production, which is big on capability but easy with the operation.

Start recording and live streaming with just one click! 

HDR-731 can record 4 video sources concurrently with Full HD resolution. You can connect PTZ cameras, laptops, video players, and more. And then record every precious moment. Simultaneously, you can live stream video content to nearly any video platform such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, and many more. You can live stream to any of the two platforms at the same time.

2 x HDMI video outputs for PGM & Multiview monitoring 

HDR-731 has two video outputs that you can watch the dashboard interface and multiview of the video sources at the same time, making video production more instant and easier.

Easily define your video layout by using only a browser

BXB offers a web-browser based interface for system configuration and operation. Just log in to the same network as the HDR-731. You can use a tablet, smartphone, or laptop defining your scene.

On the intuitive interface, you can easily drag, move, and crop video sources to make various layouts, full-screen, PIP, PBP, Quad, and more layouts for dynamic visual presentations. You can also add title or logo overlays on the screen for catching more viewers’ attention. Background can also be changed based on your need. To capture every brilliant moment, you can use the snapshot function to get the images of all the 4 video sources. The powerful self-defined features can greatly save your time on post-production as well as make your video content more interesting and attractive.

All the features in HDR-731 are ideal for the applications to meetings, seminars, corporate training, product launch, education, and church events. To increase viewers’ engagement and boost your branding, HDR-731 is your best tool.

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