Saturday, January 22, 2022

Huntkey’s Highly Durable and Extremely Safe Powerstrip SZM307

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Huntkey, a global leading provider of power solutions, recently introduced its new standard power strip model SZM307. Built with the latest power strip technologies, the Huntkey’s SZM307 is very durable and extremely safe to use.

This model is made with integral copper bar inside, which is a key way to enhance product conductivity and safety. High conductivity can ensure that the power strips will be more energy-efficient than traditional ones. And less heat generation means lower electricity bills.

This Huntkey power strips are made of flame-retardant material, which is able to withstand high heat and temperatures. This power strip has 3 universal sockets and 2 USB slots (2.1 AMP Combined) for direct mobile or powerbank charging. The 3 AC sockets, applicable to different standards of plugs, and 2 USB ports allow total 5 devices to charge.

It contains plug-friendly sockets. The perfectly designed sockets allow plugs to be put in and pulled out easily and give comfortable experience to the users.

Some Key Specs:

One Master Switch

Made by Flame Retardant Material

100% Copper Bar

3 Universal Socket + 2 USB

1.5 M Cable

2 pin EU Input Plug

3 Years Warranty

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