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Panel Discussion 1: Opportunities in PC and Digital Gaming Space

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This panel discussion was held in both physical and virtual formats during the 14th NCN-ICT Summit and Gaming Insight Awards 2022 Event held on Aug 26 at Hotel Crowne Plaza, New Delhi. During the panel session, the panellists shared the various technical advancements and market trends in the gaming sector.

Moderator:  Mr. Sukanta Dey (B.Tech. in IT from IIT Kharagpur and an MBA from IIM, Kolkata) an eminent veteran technologist, manager and leader of IT industry.

Panelists participated virtually: Mr. Pawan Awasthi, Head – Enterprise Marketing – South Asia, Nvidia Graphics; Mr. Deepak Gupta, Country Head, ZOTAC; and Mr. Vishvesh Mishra, Community Manager, Ant Esports.

Panelists physically present: Mr. Sourav Chakraborty, GM – Pre Sales – Display Business, Samsung India Electronics; Mr. Shashank Bhandru, Marketing Manager, Gigabyte Technology India; and Mr. Rajesh Khurana, Country Manager – Consumer Business, BIWIN.

Moderator: “Today, digital gaming has evolved far beyond entrainment and is also being used for learning complicated processes such as surgeries. With the introduction of new technologies, such as AR and VR, has catapulted the gaming experience and applications up by several notches. What we see today as gaming space is only a fraction of what is going to  happen and how much it is going to expand. This digital gaming is set to catapult to a new experience hitherto not seen at all. This 4th Industrial Revolution, as IT is considered, needs huge ecosystem at the hardware as well as software level.”

Mr. Pawan Awasthi of Nvidia, “Today, we have over 300 million gamers in India, including those on different formats such as mobile, PC and consoles and gaming has become all pervasive with youth leading the trend. The opportunity is humungous. Besides Covid, the major accelerating factor behind the growth of gaming industry has been the increasing digital adoption in the last few years. India has the cheapest mobile Internet and the highest Internet adoption. Esports are emerging as a democratic form of gaming. In the next two years, we can expect a phenomenal growth in the gaming segment. Soon,we are going to launch many new gaming solutions.”

Mr. Deepak Gupta of ZOTAC, “In India, Esports is a new big development today. For gaming graphics cards, the market is expanding rapidly, and the upcoming 5G is set to take the gaming to new levels. We need to train retailers and partners on how to take gaming solutions the end consumers. During the last 2 years, esports has grown a lot. The demand for graphic cards has been growing fast. The introduction of 5G in 2023 can take the gaming industry several notches up.”

Mr. Vishvesh Mishra of Acro Engineering (brand Ant Esports), “Today, the gaming industry has grown into an enormous size in India. The 5G is round the corner and Internet data rates in India are among the cheapest. Cloud gaming is another fast growing trend. Ant Esports caters to gamers in the low-cost segments. For this, we launched dedicated hardware such as mini wireless mobile mouse, Bluetooth keyboard and several other accessories for the on-the-go gamers. Currently, nearly 90% gaming takes place on mobile and 10% on PCs and consoles.Today, on-the-go gaming has become the norm and gaming is evolving into a big industry that offers a host of opportunities for the vendors as well as the partners. The first movers will have the advantage in the industry. We are also coming up with new hardware of different types of gamers soon.”

Mr. Rajesh Khurana of BIWIN, “I have been in the memory industry for the past two decades. However, I have witnessed a huge change in the last 2 years. Work From Home has forced people more into gaming. Right storage components are essential for immersive gaming experience. Gaming, particularly, driven by AR and VR, needs memory of higher capacity and greater speed. Biwin is a global manufacturer and provider of storage components for the devices of the leading gaming brands of HP, Acer and Predator. We have the best storage solutions for gaming segment that accelerate the gaming process and enhance the gaming experience. Biwin havs SSDs and DRAMS that are essential for giving the speed and capacity needed for digital gaming. Gaming is one of the few segments which is less price-sensitive but more experience- and performance-sensitive. I advice the partners to monetize this opportunity early as the first movers will have the advantage.”

Moderator: You have alluded to a very important point that gaming is less price-sensitive but more experience- and performance-sensitive which all the partners should keep in mind.

Mr. Shashank Bhandru of Gigabyte, “We have a wide range of gaming products starting from gaming motherboards, mice, CPU cases to gaming laptops. The gaming market is bullish in India at present. A lot of new overseas gaming companies are coming to India today. Blockchain technology and cloud are being linked to gaming. Gigabyte is famous for providing cutting-edge gaming motherboards, CPU cases, memory, etc. This is the time vendors and partners to capitalize on the huge opportunity provided by gaming. Gigabyte is trying to bring out many new innovative gaming hardware in the near future.”

Mr. Sourav Chakraborty (of Samsung India),Driven by new demand created during Covid in the last 2 years, we have launched 9 models of new smart monitors for the gamers and others. These smart monitors which are compact and easy-to-use allow gamers to begin playing online games by directly connecting to the cloud. In coming months, Samsung is going to launch more such smart monitors that are set to change the way games are played and users get connected to other devices. Today, we are bringing smart monitors to India as soon as they are launched in USA, with little time lag.”

Mr. Deepak Gupta of ZOTAC, “There are going to be lot of opportunities in the PC gaming segment for the new comers. Also this segment is set to create a lot new jobs too in the coming years as people with different skills would be needed.”

Mr. Vishvesh Mishra, “Today, esports has become an accepted profession and gaming peripherals are going to play an important role in giving the right gaming experience. Web3, metaverse and cryptocurrency are also being liked to gaming and are going play their role to push this segment up. I see a big financial opportunity in the gaming segment.”

Moderator: “Interoperability is very important in gaming and peripherals play an important part. The fast 5G Internet is set to democratize and revolutionize the gaming as never before.”

Mr. Shashank Bhandru of Gigabyte, “With cross-platform enablement, we can increase the present share of PC gaming from 10% to 20%. At Gigabyte, we are trying to bring up the best hardware for gamers.”

In a Nutshell

The gaming industry is set to witness phenomenal growth in the years to come and is considered as one of the most exciting industries in the ICT space. And it is expected grow significantly in the coming years. Gaming definitely offers a plethora of opportunities for those partners who understand the technology and market trends well and learn how to monetize and exploit the opportunities. The gaming industry is still at the nascent stage and lot is about to happen in the coming years. The partners, who are the first movers or the early entrants, are set to have advantage in this segment. 


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