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OpenText Enhances Cybersecurity Portfolio with Strategic Entry into Indian and APAC Markets

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OpenText, a leading information management company, is pioneering innovative solutions that merge trusted information management with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. During an exclusive interaction with NCN Magazine, Mr. Steve Stavridis, Sales Leader APAC, OpenText Cybersecurity, and Mr. Roshan Dsouza, India Head, OpenText Cybersecurity, delved into the principles, channel strategies, new innovations, and the road ahead. 

Discuss the brief of the company when it started, etc.

OpenText’s latest advancements include offerings such as OpenText Experience Cloud, Business Network Cloud, DevOps Cloud, IT Operations Cloud, and Cybersecurity Cloud, among others. These solutions cater to various business needs, from customer communications and trading grid management to application lifecycle management and cybersecurity.

Steve Stavridis: OpenText aims to help companies recover from various adverse events such as malware, data breaches, or natural disasters. Our goal at OpenText is to empower our customers not only to prevent these adverse events but also to recover from them effectively. We offer a suite of protection solutions that safeguard applications and data across all devices in an environment—whether on endpoints, servers, or in the cloud. This comprehensive approach ensures that our clients are well-protected and can quickly bounce back from any disruptions.

Roshan – OpenText has been operational in India since its acquisition of Carbonite in 2019. The company is now launching new SaaS backup solutions, focusing on disaster recovery, endpoint protection, and cloud migration services. This expansion is supported by significant investments in local cloud infrastructure, making India one of three key cloud locations in APAC, alongside Australia and Singapore.

Brief us on the different areas of cybersecurity that you work in.

Steve Stavridis- We empower our customers through our technology stack to be able to recover from malware, data breaches, etc., by providing a suite of solutions that protect applications and data that reside on any form of device in an environment, whether it be an endpoint, whether it be a server, or whether it be in the cloud. The strategic product roadmap, Titanium X, focuses on three key areas of innovation:

Business Clouds: OpenText aims to provide integrated and secure technology solutions to drive simplification and efficiency across modern work and business fabric. By elevating everyone, from engineers to IT professionals, they empower customers with knowledge and security for competitive advantage.

Business AI: Leveraging generative AI, OpenText is enabling customers to extract more value from their intellectual property (IP). Through AI assistants running across large private data sets, they ensure that the right people access the right information, enhancing data governance, compliance, and authentication.

Business Technology: OpenText focuses on connected data as workloads shift to the cloud. They aim to provide enterprise-strength data platforms deployed anywhere, whether in the private cloud, public cloud, or through APIs, to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

Tell us about OpenText’s channel partner strategies, including the Accelerate Partner Program, to address India’s cloud demand and tap into APAC and Indian market growth.

OpenText Cybersecurity addresses the most challenging business needs with industry-leading technology providers and global consulting firm partners. Strategic Partners are key contributors within the global ecosystem of trusted, enabled OpenText Partners. Strategic Partners provide customers around the world with digital transformational services focused on OpenText technologies. Partners programs leverage demonstrated leadership and a high degree of expertise in OpenText solution offerings to execute complex outcome-based transformational projects.

Steve Stavridis: Our channel strategy is multi-faceted. We work closely with distribution partners, managed service providers, and system integrators. We are announcing a secure cloud platform. It’s a consumption platform that assists a partner in consumer technology to build solutions around our technology to offer to consumers or their customers. We have various channel partners and distribution partners; we have managed service providers and resellers. We also have SI system integrators. From a channel strategy perspective, we sell in terms of the cybersecurity business into 15 APAC countries across 36+ distributors.

Roshan – So the OpenText Accelerate Partner Program is geared towards providing simplification and access to our broad range of partners across the region to access information to be enabled and to do things such as deal registration. We work with our distribution partners to enable us to take our solutions into the local markets. We hold our partners close through regular partner summits and security awareness programs. So, we have a partner summit once a year, and this year we’re splitting it up between the regions because each region is becoming unique. We are assisting our partners to offer different services for smart data centres as well as smart cities. One of the things that we’re doing this week is that we’ve got a partner conference out in Goa where we’re engaging with our partners and developing those close relationships.

OpenText’s Titanium X roadmap promises game-changing innovations tailored for the Indian market, particularly in business clouds, business AI, and business technology, aligning with the evolving needs of Indian businesses.

As AI continues to shape the world, OpenText emphasizes trust and governance in AI technologies. Their expertise in information management drives the development of AI-enabled innovations, ensuring transparency and accountability in AI solutions. OpenText’s latest advancements include offerings such as OpenText Experience Cloud, Business Network Cloud, DevOps Cloud, IT Operations Cloud, and Cybersecurity Cloud, among others. These solutions cater to various business needs, from customer communications and trading grid management to application lifecycle management and cybersecurity.

Steve Stavridis: In the last three years, we launched our SaaS backup services in India, helping partners with email threat management, endpoint protection, and security awareness training. Our goal is to address the significant demand for cybersecurity training and services in India.

Roshan, Since OpenText acquired Carbonite in 2019, we have been assisting organizations in India with their disaster recovery requirements, their migration requirements into the cloud, or any physical environment protecting their endpoints. We have pioneered the endpoint business cloud backup technology in India.

Key features and benefits of OpenText’s recent product launches, such as Carbonite Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Email Security Solutions, and their contribution to enhancing cyber resilience and compliance for businesses.

Steve Stavridis: These solutions address critical risks in organizations. Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, for instance, acts as an insurance policy, ensuring that data is backed up and can be restored in case of loss or breach. This is particularly important in light of increasing government regulations on data sovereignty, such as India’s DPDPA. Our email security solutions offer comprehensive protection by preventing attacks and allowing for easy restoration of emails and data.

Roshan, I’d like to add that these solutions provide both prevention and cure. For example, one of our partners implemented a combined solution of email threat management and backup for a customer who had lost critical emails. This dual approach not only restored the lost data but also provided ongoing protection.

What are the key industry verticals that OpenText focusses on and How do they impact Oil and Gas Manufacturing Industry in specific?

Ongoing challenges, such as fluctuating oil prices, mergers and acquisitions, and data silos, hamper operational excellence and profitability. Oil and gas solutions help control costs, improve decision-making and uptime, and achieve the desired ROI. Cloud adoption is accelerating as companies strive to break down information silos and ensure team members and suppliers have the right information at the right time.

Steve Stavridis: So, the top three verticals are BFSI, life sciences, and the government vertical. Companies in upstream oil and gas production, midstream transportation, and downstream refining operate in a highly regulated, constantly evolving environment. We reach these industries through our channel partners, who enable us to provide tailored solutions. For BFSI, we offer disaster recovery services to ensure uptime and compliance. In life sciences, we provide both disaster recovery and backup solutions. For the government sector, our partners offer services for smart data centers and smart cities, ensuring secure and efficient migration to and from the cloud.

As a leader worldwide in cybersecurity, how do you see the emerging trends in this arena, and what leadership skills do you bring to the table for OpenText?

Steve Stavridis: I bring over 25 years of experience in the industry, starting from hands-on engineering to sales leadership. My journey has given me a deep understanding of both technology and the needs of our channel partners and customers. I believe in the importance of relationships and people, which is why we engage closely with our partners to understand and meet their needs. This week, for instance, we have a partner conference in Goa to strengthen these relationships.

Industry Partnerships Focus: Strengthening ties with Indian sectors like healthcare, automotive, and logistics is a priority, aiming at innovation and addressing industry-specific needs.

We address these industry-specific needs by going into the market through colocation partners such as Sify and NTT to provide disaster recovery and backup services. We also have managed service providers and value-added distributors like TechnoBind who build solutions around technologies and offer it to their partners and customers.

Finally, where do you see OpenText to be in the next 5 years, and how do you position it in the Indian market? So, we’ll continue to bolster and build out our open-text cybersecurity portfolio. OpenText is an acquisitive company, so we’ll continue to kind of build on what we have. We’ve got to serve our partners better with what we’ve got. An example of that is our secure cloud platform, which is a unified platform that has all of our channel-based solutions around endpoint protection and data protection as well, where partners can really simplify their experience with us. The cybersecurity market in APAC is growing rapidly, projected at about 12.5% annually and expected to reach $95 billion. OpenText is well-positioned to tap into this growth with our advanced cybersecurity solutions. We are committed to continuous innovation, particularly in integrating AI into our offerings to enhance threat detection and response capabilities.

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