TrackRover is bringing the right set of Technologies

TrackRover is bringing the right set of Technologies


Solutions of TrackRover Help Organizations to Track and Manage the Movement of their Staff and Assets Efficiently

TrackRover is incepted in 2017 by the merger of VigilM (founded in 2010) and RedDot (founded in 2017). TrackRover provides the right set of technologies that help the organizations to understand and track the movement patterns of individuals & assets in the field and in the office or factory premises (indoors and outdoors). This cutting-edge IoT , Mobile, SaaS platform puts the general data and predictive- machine learning data analysis into use to improve the productivity & efficiency, velocity of transactions, and the safety of customers thus saving time and money to the companies.

Products & Solutions

TrackRover Presence: This solution helps to track and collaborate with people in the field to improve productivity and efficiency to achieve end-customer satisfaction.

Field force management and tracking: This helps in live location tracking; attendance and leave management; live task assignment and reporting; dynamic templates and business forms; and In the management of expenses and expense claims.

ReDot Campus Presence: It is a complete people-tracking (student & staff) & vehicle-tracking solution for Educational Institutes & Corporates that helps to monitor and manage the movements across the campus geo-fencing. It is a real-time campus tracking solution thru SOP and SoS escalation. It enables security breach alerts and alarms, reports and notifications, deviation and violation campus governance

IoT asset Tracking: It is a comprehensive SaaS connected IoT-enabled Asset Tracking Solution using BLE functionality and includes real-time tracking within premises. It is cloud-based & secure, enables alarms & alerts, productivity monitoring, timetable, SMS/email notifications, web console, mobile consoles for assets and remote real-time monitoring.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring: Enables remote real-time monitoring systems for Temperature & Humidity Monitoring and other environmental variables. Functionality includes real-time, reliable accurate data gathering; helps to manage location & alerts; provides fast, customizable reports; and contains mobile app to help monitor anywhere, anytime.

KYC Automation: Enables automating the KYC document submission process.

Customer base for the TrackRover solutions

For agriculture and poultry, field force management, temperature and humidity monitoring; for small corporate, attendance and tracking the movement of staff indoor tracking; For telecommunication, field-force management; and for schools, improving efficiencies, indoor tracking, safety and attendance.

Profile of TrackRover Corporate Management

Vijay Mysore, Founder, Director & CEO: He comes with over 30 Years of experience working with companies as varied as Tandem Computers, FedEx, and Critical Path. Vijay has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Bradley University and a BS in Electronics from Bangalore University.

Amod Phadke, Co Founder, Chief Sales Officer: He has over 2 decades of experience with successful technology startups in areas like IT infrastructure, consumer product sales and managing P&L operations both domestically and Internationally. Amod holds an MBA from Austin (Texas) through NMIMS Mumbai and a BE in Computer Science and Diploma in Digital Electronics from Mumbai University.

Sridhar Ranganathan, Founder, Director: With over 29 years of experience in the wireless and software industry, he served in the leading positions at Xerox Corporation, IBM and as VP at Yahoo! He holds an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, an MS in Computer Science from Villanova University, Pennsylvania and BE in Computer Engineering from Bombay University.

Shankar Mahadevan, Founder & Director: He has been a world famous singer and composer of Indian music and a leader in the Indian music industry for the last 12 years. He is the winner of 3 National Film Awards and numerous other awards. Shankar has an immense fan following, both in and outside of India.