In the next 5-10 years cloud computing industry is all set to...

In the next 5-10 years cloud computing industry is all set to grow at astounding paces


G7CR Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a Top Cloud Partner for over 800+ businesses across India. Company has been recognized globally for their technical capabilities and are driving Cloud success journey for businesses from industry verticals like Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Public sector, Education, Retail and IT services. In an interaction with Dr. Christopher Richard, Founder and MD, G7CR Technologies about the cloud computing services and company’s initiatives in this space.

With the pace of change accelerating even more, what will the future of cloud computing bring?

When you say future, it is about how far into the future you are looking at, if we talk about the near future meaning next 5-10 years this industry Is all set to grow at astounding paces, we are talking 300% + growth year on year as the market is still virgin and still vastly unexplored. However if you are looking at future over 10 years, Cloud which has already become a commodity might see the same pain or be in the same state the current telecom or Airlines business is in.

For this not to happen Data center OEM’s vendors must at some stage change focus from driving market share and numbers to creating more value for the users from their offerings, they should take lessons from the Telcom and Airline’s that too long a market share race is destructive for all.

How do you see the cloud computing services in India in the near future?

Currently most Data center OEM Vendors have a major focus on the enterprise with monthly ticket size of 5000 USD + and paying the price for this focus with growth not as fast as expected, This is currently changing as enterprise business slows down, we will see the focus from both ISV and Data center OEM’s shift to the vast potential on the SMB space where the ticket size is 300USD.

With over 57 million SME’s in India alone and growing by the day, this sure is a vast opportunity. With more simple and straight forward value driven solutions targeting this market you will see the true explosion of cloud. Do the maths USD 300 per month * 12 Months * 5.7 Million (i.e. just 10% of India’s 57 Million SMB) this is an annual potential of 20 Billion USD.

How are SMBs adapting to cloud technology and what are the popular applications being put in cloud?

We started our journey with an SMB focus and today it is so overwhelming to see SMB’s proactively reach out to us for cloud hosting, In the SMB’s space today we see them almost want to move entirely to the cloud, a lot of SMB who are starting now are born in the cloud with 100% of all their application running in the cloud.

With the launch of WVD from Microsoft where you can have windows 10 Desktops on the cloud we predict a major disruption of everything in the cloud and not only servers. Some of the most popular application that we have hosted on the cloud for SMB’s range from small and midsize banks hosting their entire core banking on the cloud, to Insurance specific application and Payment gateway’s in the FMCG sector.

We also do have a lot of Workforce management applications like HRMS’s, Team collaboration app’s, Sales and Marketing centric CRM Applications, Customer centric Service application, and a host of B2C mobile apps related to service or sales hosted on the cloud.

What type of challenges you are facing associated with cloud services in India?

From a Customer stand point, India needs to have more reliable and cheaper bandwidth connectivity, which we believe is work and progress and will happen sooner or later. From a Cloud Vendor Per say our major challenge is the OEM’s selling the same cloud, under various different Package labels, with different rates and different condition and different paths to buy the same. Creates a world of confusion for the sellers and the buyers. The OEM’S need to adapt a 1 Nation 1 Cloud 1 Offer strategy and eliminate the unwanted confusion.

Where did you see cloud computing services in India in next five years?

In the next five years India, along with rest of the world will be moving to an everything on cloud, by all business sizes across all verticals.

What are your future plans?

We will continue our focus on the Customer, in making his journey and stay on the cloud seamless, priceless and painless. We will be going global, with offices opening in UK and US to begin with and UAE to follow. Internally we continue to compete with our own standards of service and will continue to disrupt and stay ahead with our mission and vision to create true value to all who partner with us for their cloud management.