“ Digisol Aims to be a Leading Provider of Enterprise Networking Products...

“ Digisol Aims to be a Leading Provider of Enterprise Networking Products ”


Digisol Systems Ltd is one of the leading networking products brand in India. Based out of Mumbai, Digisol offers a wide range of networking products including wireless LAN, broadband routing, switching, structured cabling, etc for SOHOs, SMEs, SMBs, etc. The company is also spearheading the government’s ‘Make in India’ program by manufacturing in India.

Recently they entered into providing enterprise structured cabling, in a big way. In an interaction with NCN, Devendra Kamtekar, CEO, Digisol Systems Ltd., who has over 25 years of experience working with leading networking companies, shares their company’s market and channel strategies and objectives.

Devendra Kamtekar comments, “Digisol is a leading networking products company that provides both active and passive products. Now our main focus at Digisol is on enterprise segment. Today, a basic shift is taking place in the enterprise side, driven by 5G, Wi-Fi 6, FTTH, IoT and high-speed and high-density connectivity. For enterprises, we are launching a complete range of active and passive networking products to aid the end-to-end connectivity. Our products come with the latest innovations and top quality to deal with high-density transmission and this differentiates us from our competitors in the market.”

In a bid to digitally empower enterprises, DIGISOL will be launching an all new series of enterprise structured cabling solutions aimed to enhance the way enterprises work and unlock opportunities for the future. As enterprises grow, the consumption of voice, video and data increases, there is a need for Next Gen solutions that converge traffic over a single network. Digisol will be introducing a series, including industrial field plugs, solderless keystones, patch panels, fiber, FTTH, etc, that will offer the great speed and high performance.

Talking about their channel policy and the initiatives to educate, motivate and drive the channel, Devendra Kamtekar, elaborates, “Digisol is a channel-driven company. We already have our established supply channel for SOHO and SMEs businesses. However, the solution selling to enterprises is quite different from distributing to SOHOs, SMEs, etc, so we are building a separate supply channel for our enterprise solutions by appointing a new set of NDs and RDs who will focus on SIs. Digisol has the most committed ecosystem to support the partners, manufacture and provide service. We give the best possible support to our partners so that they can offer the most effective solutions to the end customers with latest technology and equipped with right technical knowledge. We are launching special training and certification programs for FTTH and SI partners to update the partners about our technology and products. We have two certifications—one is TCCI which covers active and passive networking and the other FTTH certification. We also take our partners to our factory and show them how we manufacture products so that they can have better understanding of our products, solutions and environments. We also will have good incentive schemes for the highly performing partners.”

Digisol offers advanced digital networking solutions that help the enterprises to be future-ready, accelerate their businesses and boost productivity thru fast and secure access to information and by unifying data over a single network.

“India is a growing economy and many enterprises are looking forward to upgrade their connectivity options with powerful and latest solutions. We see a great opportunity for fiber with rise in demand for high-speed and high-density connectivity. In the coming years, we are sure that we will emerge and one of the leading brands in the enterprise-networking space,” concludes Devendra Kamtekar.