ADATA Aims to be No. 2 in the Memory Products Segment in...

ADATA Aims to be No. 2 in the Memory Products Segment in the Indian Market


Mr. Charles Wei, Country Head Of ADATA

ADATA, a leading manufacturer of high performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash storage application products and accessories, today introduced the Next-Gen Solid State Drive from its XPG gaming range of SSDs – – XPG Gammix S50 Generation 4 M.2 2280 SSD. XPG S50 PCIe SSD is the latest and fastest in its range of M.2 solid state drives.

ADATA is their brand name for general memory and storage products and XPG is their brand name for gaming memory and storage products. ADATA is No 2 globally and No 4 in the Indian market for memory products. In India the company has been present for the past 12 years. Charles Wei, Country Head of ADATA, shares their company’s policy and goals for the India market.

Charles Wei comments, “Our current focus is on: external HDDs, pen-drives and micro SSDs cards, gaming memory products, and SSDs. We have different partners in India for different products and this helps them focus better where each partner can use their specialized skills and outlook.”

ADATA’s distribution network in India includes: for DRAM – Multi as partner for Mumbai, KBC Computech for Delhi and Anandit for Bangalore; for DDR4 – Fortune; for SSD – KBC Comuputech as National Distributor; for XPG brand – Acro Engineering for Delhi and Multi for Mumbai; for pen-drives and micro SSD cards – Ur Distree as National Distributor. And there are several sub-distributors.

“We have a wide range of products in each segment to address the varied needs of the users. Ouraim in the next three years is to reach the No 2 position in India for providing memory products. We are already manufacturing micro SSD cards and pen-drives in India. We will gradually expand our India manufacturing in the coming years to produce a wide variety of memory products. And in the coming months, we are launching several new models of products across different segments of memory,” adds Charles Wei.

ADATA has its own company representatives in India to take care of their operations, to train and coordinate with their partners: Sachin, based in New Delhi takes care of North India operations; Shiva, based in Bangalore, takes care of South India operations; and Hanuman, based in Mumbai, for Western India operations. In the coming years, the company plans to expand their team further.

Charles Wei states, “Starting from 2017, the market for SSDs has grown 3 times in the last 2 years. And the demand for SSDs is expected to grow by 50% a year in coming years. We have a wide and varied range of SSDs and other memory products. Next year, we are launching several new models of memory products. We have tied up with Gigabyte to take care of the service part and we replace the product within 7 days, whenever applicable. Our products have high reliability and the failure rate is just 0.6%. In the coming years, we want to invest more on establishing our brand in India and we have allotted a good amount of money for brand building and promotion in the Indian market.”

Talking about their target market, Charles Wei concludes, “As you know, ADATA is an international brand that provides high quality products that meet international standards at affordable prices to Indian users. For memory products our clients include consumers, enterprises and SIs. Internationally, we are at No 2 position and in India at No 4 for providing memory products. India is a huge market which is on the verge of digitization and we foresee a lot of opportunities here. We want to establish our brand strongly in India and move up to No. 2 in the coming years.”