ViewSonic helps to Beat E-Comm Price Protection Parity Reap Benefits Digitally

ViewSonic helps to Beat E-Comm Price Protection Parity Reap Benefits Digitally


First time ever in IT industry ViewSonic has come with this price parity program Online vs offline to solve the price issue. This programme was started within 48 hours for the festive season.

ViewSonic marketing team have developed a mobile app for offline channel partners specially for retail stores who are scared to lose customers due to. e commerce price aggression

The offline channel will be a compensation from ViewSonic so as to keep a pace with E commerce price aggression during the festive time. One can redeem the difference instantly via Powerplay 2.0 Programme and active QR code.

This can be done by following four easy steps that one can upload four required documents through mobile phone camera. With in 48 hours redemption will happen for genuine cases. Moreover, on top of that 2 years additional warranty for offline customer on registration which cost minimum ₹1499 free.

Devesh Rastogi, VP FAITA

Mr. Devesh Rastogi, Vice President VP FAITA has expressed his satisfaction to see the initiative taken by ViewSonic. He says, “ As a senior Vice President of FAITTA & Chairman of the OLS Committee. I thank M/S Viewsonic for being the first company in IT peripherals Category to roll out a price parity programme for partners. “

Sanjay Chajar president compass
Sanjay Chajar president compass

Mr. Sanjay Chajar president compass  This is a great step towards giving a equal ground to traditional business vis a vis large format online market.  I am sure more OEMs would follow the noble example set by Viewsonic.

This scheme was an investment on AI, Mobile technology  and digital platform to create the experience.