Uniline Energy Systems India aims Top Position as Top Three Power Solution...

Uniline Energy Systems India aims Top Position as Top Three Power Solution Brands in India

Mr. R.K. Bansal
Mr. R.K. Bansal

Uniline Energy India has been a leading power conditioning, energy management & Next Gen Design Solutions Company with expertise in managing the Indian Power conditions for over three decades and has emerged as a premier player in the UPS Solutions segment in India today. Mr. R.K. Bansal, CEO & MD, Uniline Energy Systems during an exclusive interaction with NCN takes us through his journey and how he has established and positioned his brand.

When did you start your own brand?

We started the company in 1989 along with a basic range of power solutions. The Computer Boom in India had just started back then and UPS Power Solutions were in great demand. Three Years later we set up a proper production and R&D unit in Okhla Industrial Area, Delhi to provide Customers with the best of global technologies engineered to function in Indian Power Conditions.

What were your major milestones?

One of the most important milestones for our company was when we started opening branch offices across India as we started supplying our products in major cities. It was reassuring to know that our products were being accepted in all major markets & verticals and this in turn did boost the team’s morale back then. We opened our first branch office & support centre in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh and now we have branch offices in all the major states of India along with over 250 service locations across India.

Who is your first customer?

One of the earliest major clients was Escorts Limited.  We started supplying our Power Solution Range to Escorts in 1989. Our team understood the needs of the Escorts Team and was able to provide them with the right guidance along with delightful service. We are proud that Escorts has been  associated with us ever since.

What was the breakthrough moment in your life?

The E-Court Project was one of the first Pan India Project of National Prestige that Uniline delivered which turned out to be a major breakthrough for the whole team which in turn raised our threshold. We supplied 40000 UPS Systems in all the District Courts, High Courts & Supreme Court across India to bring & connect all the courts of India digitally. The complete project was completed along with HCL Tech, Wipro & HP. Another breakthrough was supplying our systems for Space Center and Manufacturing specialised systems for the Portable Radar Systems mounted on specialised trucks for the defence sector.

What are the challenges that you had faced in the journey?

The most challenging aspect in this industry is keeping up with the evolving technology. Our R&D Team has ensured we have been able to compete in the market by ensuring we are able to provide the latest technologies and engineer it for the varying Indian power conditions.

During the journey, how did you see the Indian market adapting to the changing technologies?

Dynamic & ever evolving technologies coupled with the varying Indian power conditions have always posed a unique challenge for the Indian Power Sector. With the quality & availability of power which varies from place to place and areas to areas, a one stop solution doesn’t necessarily work in the conditions. With expertise in handling the Indian Power Conditions since the last 3 decades, our power solutions are engineered to ensure that the market can easily adapt to new technologies with utmost ease.

What is your opinion about Make in India?

Unfortunately, even today India is dependent on other countries for most of the Raw Materials & SMD Components. Make in India is a much required initiative that will bring a much required change in the Indian market. Uniline is amongst the very few companies in the power solution vertical who have been manufacturing systems engineered to global standards at our manufacturing units in India. The government has given some incentives and we are certain that this will boost the overall ecosystem.

What verticals are you focussing on right now?

Being a power solutions company, we touch almost every vertical that is dependent on electricity. We have the whole range that caters to SoHo (Small Office – Home Office) to large industrial automation units. Currently, our focus is on the EV Market and expanding our product range to cater to the same.

Where do you see Uniline in the next five years?

With Pan India presence, Multiple Projects of National Prestige & one of the widest installation bases in the country we would like to position ourselves as the top three power solution brands in India in the coming years.

What message do you want to give to your partners?

We have our partners to thank for forming the backbone and being the reason behind Uniline’s success as one of the top brands in the Power Solutions market across India. Furthermore, we have recently introduced a partner’s first policy that aims to create a win-win environment for partners and increase our reach further. In FY 21-22 we are aiming to onboard more partners for the North East & Western Indian Market that will strengthen our reach further.