Tenda Nova MW5G home mesh Wi-Fi system for smart homes

Tenda Nova MW5G home mesh Wi-Fi system for smart homes


Tenda Nova MW5G home mesh Wi-Fi system

  • Great broadband services– The Tenda Nova MW5G is a whole home mesh Wi-Fi system designed for larger households with 100 Mbps or greater broadband services. 

Tenda Nova MW5G Wi-Fi

  • Expandable mesh – It is an expandable mesh network which lets one have multiple Wi-Fi points that works seamlessly together to fill up an area up to 3500 square feet. 

Tenda Nova MW5G Wi-Fi 01

  • Creating a distributed network throughout entire home – Each node of MW5G automatically connects to the other, creating a distributed network throughout your entire home. You can easily expand your Wi-Fi network just by simply adding more nodes. 

Tenda Nova MW5G Wi-Fi 02

  • Simple Set up – All nodes feature gigabit ports – that get most out of your high speed broadband service and ensure smooth streaming of 4K videos. The other nodes automatically connect with pre-paired configuration, making setup extremely simple.

Tenda Nova MW5G Wi-Fi 03

  • Consists of two amplifiers – each enhances the whole Wi-Fi coverage. It optimizes both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The Nova MW5G system automatically adjusts the data rates, even when it is working behind multiple walls, thus ensuring excellent wall penetration capability. The two amplifiers use both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands to improve the signal strength and which ultimately helps the nova MW5G outperform ordinary routers.
  • Posseses Beamforming technology– ‘Beamforming’ is a mechanism that focuses a wireless signal towards a specific receiving device, rather than having the signal spread in all directions from a broadcast antenna, as it normally would.
  • Focused connection – Nova MW5G projects a stronger Wi-Fi signal in a direction where your devices are located. It concentrates the signal and aims it directly at the target. This results in a more focused connection that is faster and more reliable than it would be without the Beamforming Technology

It provides you complete access and control such as a Devices list, Guest access, Device prioritization, Parental controls, etc. All of this experience enhancing technology comes in an attractive minimalist design making it look like piece of décor that enhances the overall aesthetic of a room.