TAIT Requests PM for Strict Action against the Foreign E-Commerce Entities for...

TAIT Requests PM for Strict Action against the Foreign E-Commerce Entities for Destroying Retail Industry/Small Traders


Trade Association of Information Technology has requested the Prime Minister (PM) to take strict action against Amazon & Flipkart, the foreign e-commerce entities that have been destroying traditional retail industry and small traders like us, for their self-serving gains. As a result of the emergence of these E Commerce entities, a lot of losses have been borne by the small Kirana retailers who have suffered. Due to anti-competitive and anti-Kirana policies of these foreign e-commerce entities even during COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged the retail sector and has severely impacted our lives, livelihoods, and the welfare of our families.

These foreign entities are prohibited from engaging in inventory-based model of e-commerce. But Amazon and Flipkart have been undertaking inventory-based retail and no action has been taken against them. It seems like the law is not being equally applied to large foreign entities by various Government Departments and investigating agencies.Moreover, these foreign E Commerce platforms have been seen discrepancy of the products which are delivered. The trading community had trust and because PM has always had a “Nation-First” so they have approached him. Hence TAIT has asked PM to initiate strict action against Amazon and Flipkart before they do irreplaceable damage to the small merchants/Indian retail industry and Kirana Retailers.According to Mr Samir Parekh, President, TAIT, says, “We have taken this step keeping in mind the fact that the E Commerce will hamper the interests and the sales of small merchants. Hence, we have taken this step to help the small merchants and the Indian retail industry and Kirana Retailers who are vying for the survival. “