Thursday, January 27, 2022

Systems & Technology Corp offers real time location improves efficiency and efficient routing

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Systems & Technology Corp. (SYSTECH), advance the capability of fleet management systems was founded in 1987, is a proven market leader in Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) solutions and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

With the innovative integration of CAREU and IntelliTrac tracker series and Intelli FleetWeb tracking software, it enriches the functionality of GPS vehicle tracking and advance the capability of fleet management systems.

Systems & Technology products are used in over 180 countries for versatile industries owing to its exceptional product development and flexible customization abilities.

The brand insists on providing an outstanding service to customers to meet their demanding needs. In transforming creative ideas into realities, SYSTECH always stays true to its commitment to product integrity and safety. The vision of the company is to be a global leading provider of fleet management solutions​ and the mission is to provide superior quality AVL solutions in achieving the intelligent life.

The key pillars on which the brand thrives is innovation, proficiency, flexible customisation ability.

Innovation- We design innovative solutions for all fleet management needs.

Proficiency- Our experts are trained for the most demanding markets.

Flexible customization ability- Sophisticated customization ability to fulfill customers’ a variety of requirements.

Efficiency- Cost-Effective. Increase customers’ profitability.

Quality- We are committed to providing customers with our exceptional products and service.

Reliability- Act with integrity and respect and fulfill our promises.

Service– We strive to provide our customers a comprehensive range of services with innovative solutions.

Systech Refrigerated Solution offers real time location of every delivery truck, improves delivery efficiency with unique integration, efficient routing to ensure the perishable food fresh, reduce fuel costs with smart routing

Real-time temperature monitoring for temperature sensitive products is essential to refrigerated fleets. Consumers are demanding great service into temperature control of refrigerated logistics to ensure products have been maintained at the proper temperature during shipping while fleet managers are looking to reduce rejected loads.

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