Socomec Launches NETYS RT Single phase Superior UPS to Support Business Continuity

Socomec Launches NETYS RT Single phase Superior UPS to Support Business Continuity


Socomec launched NETYS RT, a range of superior UPS products in 5 to 11kVA capacities for the Indian market in response to the growing demand for extremely high quality and uninterrupted power from organizations rapidly adopting digitalization and automation for business continuity.

Featuring online double conversion technology with sinusoidal wave form that filters out all disturbances to and from the mains power supply, NETYS RT ensures matchless power quality and protection to critical installations such as modern servers and IT devices of high density processing power, network devices, VoIP communication devices, structured cabling, control systems, switching and edge data centers that form the critical digital infrastructure for digital processes and automation. Similarly, its features like 1+1 redundant parallel configuration, hot swappable bypass module and programmable load segmentation will ensure maximum availability of power.

NETYS RT is based on Lithium-Ion battery technology. Its compact size requires only a small footprint (2U/89mm) for rack installation. Thanks to its tower/rack conversion option, it can be installed easily either in tower mode or inside a standard 19’’ rack cabinet. The products are fully compliant with IEC standards and rating ≥ 10kVA are BIS certified.

Commenting about the newly launched product, Mr. Sushil Virmani, Managing Director, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions said, “We see rapid growth in the business adoption of digital platforms to ensure business continuity. Besides, to secure the supply chain, manufacturers are making the inevitable transition to increased automation and robotics at an accelerated pace. These trends demand continuous availability of extremely high quality power. In this context, we are happy to bring to market a timely innovation in power solution architecture. NETYS RT range of superior UPS products can back up organizations in various sectors – from healthcare to education, in their pursuit of business continuity, digital transformation, and automation, by ensuring the highest level of availability of power critical utilities.”