Secureye’s Next Generation Form Factor SSD-M.2 SATA

Secureye’s Next Generation Form Factor SSD-M.2 SATA

Secureye’s Next Generation Form Factor SSD-M.2 SATA

Secureye M.2 SATA Solid State Drive is expert in cutting edge technology in data storage also. It is one of the leading brands in the industry since the last 25 years in the field of security products. We are expert in providing cutting edge technology in the security & surveillance domain.

Capacity: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB When storage sizes go up to 4TB at most, the price can seem a bit out of reach, even for the normally cheaper SATA drives


Reliable QLC, TLC and MLC NAND type flash- This particular drive features enhanced reliability compared to other ones without the tech. And it’s also the main reason why the storage capacity is so high. Considering how big game install sizes are these days, you can never fail with this much fast storage. 

S.M.A.R.T. command transport (SCT) technology- The industry-standard 2.5-inch form factor enables interchangeability with existing hard disk drives (HDDs) and native SATA HDD drop-in replacement with the enhanced performance, reliability, ruggedness, and power savings offered by an SSD. The Form Factor: 80mm M.2 (80mm SATA B Key) & electrically fully complied with the SATA -II/SATA -III standards

Enhanced endurance by dynamic/static wear-leveling- Wear leveling mechanisms allow the flash storage device to evenly distribute the P/E cycles among all blocks. It prevents the premature wear out of overused blocks, so all blocks can be used to the maximum. Wear leveling extends the life span and improves the reliability and durability of the storage device

Hardware LDPC ECC engine- LDPC is a strong ECC candidate for future SSDs to address its reliability issues under high noise.

Our product ranges from closed-circuit cameras to biometrics and entrance security products to access control systems.