Scale-out NAS by Infortrend Brings a Cost-effective Backup and Restore Solution

Scale-out NAS by Infortrend Brings a Cost-effective Backup and Restore Solution

NAS by Infortrend Brings a Cost-effective Backup and Restore Solution

Infrtorend Technology, the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, developed a cost-effective backup and restore solution of massive amounts of enterprise data. With both scale-out and scale-up expandability, it adds value for price-conscious data-rich applications, such as governmental institutions files backup, media asset archive, surveillance footages storing, or archive pool for processed HPC data. As a Veeam Ready Repository, CS can be as well deployed in IT environments applying virtualization technologies.

System crashes, human errors, malicious attacks, viruses, and physical disasters always happen unexpectedly. Thus, it is difficult to overestimate the role of backup infrastructure with expandable capacity and reliable restore capabilities for ensuring business continuity. EonStor CS scale-out NAS is expandable up to 144 nodes to achieve 100GBps overall throughput and 100PB capacity for large-scale backup requirements or connecting JBOD to expand capacity only for saving costs. CS offers a rich selection of form factors, including high-density 4U 60-bay for space-constraint server rooms.

For high availability and data protection, CS provides not only Erasure code and Replica, but also exclusive Distributed mode, where a file is evenly distributed in each node without creating data copies. In this mode, data protection is based on RAID, so only one node is required for initial deployment. It considerably reduces TCO and increases capacity utilization by 30-50% compared to Erasure code and Replica, respectively.

Tested with the latest Veeam Backup & Replication software, CS has achieved Veeam Ready Repository classification by exceeding performance requirements for Full Backup, Full VM Restore, Synthetic Full Backup, and Instant VM Recovery. Veeam sits between virtual infrastructure and CS to provide fast and reliable backup of VM data. Enterprises applying virtualization technologies, like Veeam for VMware or Hyper-V VMs backups, can now choose CS.

EonStor CS is a scale-out NAS storage that allows enterprises to address the significantly rising amount of unstructured data. It provides high performance and capacity while ensuring well data protection. Initial deployment can start with only one CS storage, further you can add more CS to linearly increase the system performance and capacity, and all the CS systems form a cluster under a single namespace to eliminate data silos.