Quantum Expands ActiveScale Object Storage Portfolio

Quantum Expands ActiveScale Object Storage Portfolio

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Quantum Corp has announced enhancements to its ActiveScale platform with a focus on data security, increased capacity efficiency and performance. The company also added a more compact, entry level configuration to its portfolio. The new capabilities advance Quantum’s strategy to be the leading provider of management and storage services for unstructured data.

“With data quickly becoming the most valuable asset for many enterprises and critical for business survival, object storage is emerging as the preferred archive format to handle massive unstructured data growth,” said Eric Burgener, Research Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group, IDC. “Enterprises seeking to monetize their growing data stores will clearly benefit from the efficient, highly available, secure and scalable unstructured storage platforms vendors like Quantum are bringing to the market.”

Increasingly, double digit data growth rates are exacerbating the cost and complexity of managing and storing data. The ability of organizations to extract value from data is essential to staying competitive, which drives the demand for data availability and access. Magnifying this challenge is the scale at which data and storage must be managed. ActiveScale object storage platform meets the necessity of managing, protecting, and preserving data at scale.

Quantum ActiveScale software delivers flexible scalability, from a few hundred terabytes to tens of petabytes, with its Dynamic Data Placement model assuring the highest levels of data durability. ActiveScale features and architecture simplify the deployment and management of the environment today and into the future.

“Digital media infrastructures have never been more dependent on technologies that help to secure assets and keep them available for increasingly demanding workflows,” said Barry Fairhurst, CEO, F2 Technologies Inc. “Quantum’s ActiveScale object storage offerings come at a time when many companies are reevaluating how they can better manage and protect their data assets in a scalable way to stay competitive in a challenging environment.”