PlayShifu Launches New AR Globe for Dinosaur Lovers

PlayShifu Launches New AR Globe for Dinosaur Lovers

PlayShifu logo.
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PlayShifu, the augmented reality (AR) toymaker, launches the first-of-its-kind dinosaur globe, Orboot Dinos. PlayShifu helps children in building foundational STEM skills through phygital (physical and digital) play. Orboot Dinos is a combination of a beautiful globe and an interactive companion app. The dinosaurs come alive in 3D, on scanning the globe with the app. From thrilling games to 500+ incredible facts to interacting with the walking-talking dinosaurs, there’s enough to keep children engaged (and learning) for days! 

Loved by parents, teachers, and children across the globe, PlayShifu has seen exponential growth to become a multi-million dollar startup in a short span of 3 years. With distribution in 15 different countries, it has achieved a 400% revenue growth y-o-y. After launching five new products in the Plugo toy line in 2019, PlayShifu now has over 400,000 users. 

Talking about his 4-year-old’s love for dinosaurs, Vivek Goyal, co-founder of PlayShifu says, “At the age of 3, my son could pronounce even the toughest names like Parasaurolophus. He spent all his time playing with dinosaur figurines and looking at their pictures in the books. That’s when we realised that this intense conceptual interest could be taken to the next level.”

Dinesh Advani, the co-founder of PlayShifu, explains, “We have always been proactive and interactive with our line of products. The Gen Alpha, for whom we are building products, is curious and adaptive to new ways of learning. Thus, we try innovative ways to combine tactile play with highly engaging digital interactions. I am very sure that with Orboot Dinos, we will be able to create another benchmark for ourselves and our peers in the market.”