Pega Launches New Partner Program to Help Drive Increased Client Value

Pega Launches New Partner Program to Help Drive Increased Client Value


Pegasystems Inc, the software company that crushes business complexity, today announced at PegaWorld iNspire the launch of Pega Partners – a new streamlined partner program that will help clients rapidly accelerate their digital transformation (DT) initiatives. With new benefits and resources designed to bring more agility to its growing ecosystem, the new program will provide a deeper and more accessible range of partner skills and solutions for clients racing to keep pace with their markets.

To achieve rapid results and persistent transformational value, companies are increasingly turning to experienced partners to speed their digital transformation journey. But finding, onboarding, and collaborating with the right partner can be a journey unto itself. It can take a significant amount of effort to validate a partner with the right expertise, establish the right delivery methods, and get the centralized support they need to see a return on investment.

With the new Pega Partners program, Pega clients will more easily identify and collaborate with the right pre-qualified partners across a range of technology and industry solutions – from intelligent automation to customer service to 1:1 customer engagement. New centralized resources, including a new Pega Partner portal and the enhanced Pega Marketplace, will help ensure Pega and its partners are in lockstep to quickly and efficiently deliver solutions that drive impactful client outcomes. With this streamlined and strengthened program, clients will realize an improved overall experience working with Pega partners through benefits such as:

Accelerated time to value – Through enhanced delivery capabilities and increased capacity, Pega clients will be able to bring their Pega solutions more quickly into production.

Access to growing marketplace of solutions – With new simplified merit-based partner designations, it will be faster and easier for clients to identify the right solution for their transformation project. New solutions will be added to more than 200 Pega- and partner-driven components and solutions already available on Pega Marketplace.

Stronger vetting and training to establish deeper client trust – Pega provides a diversity of talent to meet client needs across industries and locations – partners with the right skills, with the right experience, in the right place. Clients can have confidence that each Pega partner has been thoroughly vetted via a structured partner validation framework. New best-in-class training and updated technical requirements will help partners to up-level their skills to the benefit of their clients.

“As one of Pega’s first ISV partners and a member of Pega’s Partner Challenger Advisory board, I had the pleasure to collaborate directly with Pega partners and with the Pega ecosystem team to streamline the partner program,” said Mr Randy Putnam, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Smart Communications. ”Pega listened to us, their partners, and customers to develop a highly effective go-forward program.”

“We value our relationship with Pega and look forward to continuing our work together in providing best-in-class, cloud-based solutions to address our clients’ complex business challenges,” said Mr Raju Rampa, VP, Sales Leader, North America Pega practice, Cognizant. ”With our strong Pega expertise, we are empowering businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic to drive innovation that directly impacts their business results.”

“Our partners are central to our business, our clients’ success, and our long-term growth goals,” said Mr Carola Cazenave, VP, Gobal Partner Ecosystems, Pegasystems. “This announcement represents a significant milestone in delivering on our promise to our clients and partners to expand our partner ecosystem value. We worked extremely closely with our partners on program development to ensure their interests are aligned with the new framework. We look forward to continuing to deliver high-value impact in all we do with, and for, the Pega Partners ecosystem.”