OSCOO Set to Foray into Pendrive & DDR Segments and Foresees a...

OSCOO Set to Foray into Pendrive & DDR Segments and Foresees a Great Potential for SSDs


OSCOO Tech Co Limited, founded in 2004, specializes in providing the SSDs, DDRs (DDR3 & DDR4), USB flash drives and other storage peripherals. Digital transformation has reached to an advanced level in the last few years and so has the storage solutions; for example, software-defined storage (SDS) provides the flexibility and agility the organizations need for a smooth digital transformation. In an interaction with NCN, Mr Sanjay Kumar, Sales Director (SAARC), OSCOO, shares about the solutions and opportunities in SSD segment in the current market scenario and their brand policy.

Mr Sanjay Kumar, Sales Director (SAARC), OSCOO

According to the India Hard Drive Market Review for Q4 CY2020, the India Consumer Internal SSD market (SATA & PCIe) shipments recorded a remarkable 136% growth when compared to H1 2020. The overall market also registered 33% YoY growth in comparison to CY2019.

While all the other storage devices struggled to make a comeback during the pandemic hit 2020, the internal SSD segment has significantly expanded its base. In H1 2020, there was a slowdown but in H2 2020 shipments increased 2X. The effortless upgrade option for the traditional PC HDDs at an affordable cost has boosted the internal SSD sales. Extended Work from Home (WFH) and e-learning require hassle-free installation and enhanced PC experience, giving SSD market enough growth opportunity. 

From the Big Data to Fast Data to Personal Data, OSCOO offers innovative storage solutions to its B2B and B2C consumers to meet their data storage requirements. The surge in digital adoption has pushed IT leaders to migrate their applications and data to the Cloud. This can be efficiently accomplished by incorporating SDS, which utilizes general purpose hardware and can be implemented on any server-attached storage device. SDS offers incredible benefits such as flexibility of choice, ability to avoid vendor lock-in, reduced capex, high scalability and true centralized intelligence.

This year OSCOO plans to foray into pendrive & DDR space with a warranty of 3 years. The company aims to create an important lineup of products that can be key elements of next-generation disaggregated storage. Further, OSCOO also plans to push up their SSD sales and create a niche in the market and be among the top 10 leaders in SSDs in India.

SSDs are taking over the space of HDDs due to the rapid  rise  in  the next gen connected devices, the growing premium & high-end PC market which need higher performance & capacity storage devices, increasing IT spending, the growing number of data centres and the need to upgrade, the growing demand for  high-end computing systems in the enterprise segment, the  increasing penetration of on-premises storage systems, and the proliferation of big data & cloud computing market.

“India is a crucial market for the global data storage,” says Mr Sanjay Kumar. “This is so because of the proliferation of smartphones and other host devices like PCs, smart TVs etc. In the near future, we foresee a great transformation. Innovation is the key to success, and I think this is the most important part. We are offering high quality 3DTL flash. As well as we are offering compatible Apple PCIe SSD for Mac users. At present we are the only brand in India which is offering the range of protocol SSD.


  • M.2 SATA 2242,2260,2280
  • M.2 PCIe 2280 3*4 2242,2280
  • mSATA
  • SATA III 2.5”
  • Apple PCIe SSD (Compatible from 2010 to 2018)”

SSDs are expected to create of big wave in the storage industry because of their high performance, speed and reliability. While HDDs are cheaper compared to SSDs, the SSDs are faster, lighter, durable, and use less energy. SSDs have already witnessed large scale adoption in the enterprise and SMB sectors due to the low TCO. Though HDDs dominate the consumer segment currently, SSDs are gradually pushing into this segment too.

OSCOO sees a huge growth potential in the SSD business, as the new normal of distance learning and remote working are demanding higher performance which can be achieved only through SSDs. Partners say that SSDs are increasingly becoming popular in both the consumer and enterprise segments due to the benefits and advantages they offer over the conventional storage solutions. Even though the initial investment for SSDs is a bit on the higher compared to HDDs, the significant improvement in the system performance more than offsets the price.