Nexyad and HERE Improve Vehicle Safety with NextGen, Cognitive AI

Nexyad and HERE Improve Vehicle Safety with NextGen, Cognitive AI


Nexyad, the embedded, real-time platform for aggregating on-board data, and HERE Technologies, the leading location data, and technology platform, are now working together to apply cognitive AI to road safety.

Nexyad uses cognitive AI to aggregate extensive data sources in a vehicle in real-time and interprets them to assess whether a certain driving behavior is appropriate given the surrounding context. Nexyad’s assessment, which can easily be delivered to a driver via a mobile phone, can be calculated from four sets of data only:

Nexyad’s real-time data aggregation platform provides two output values ​​20 times every second: the lack of caution of the driver and the maximum speed recommended given the road conditions – legal speed limit, road roughness, the topography of the road, weather, and traffic.

By recommending a “maximum cautious speed” based on real-time data and context-specific to every single vehicle, driver, and driving environment, Nexyad’s approach goes much further than the European requirement for vehicles to be aware of the legal speed limit on each road segment (Intelligent Speed Assist).

Nexyad provides drivers with a score that reflects the risk associated with their driving behavior. Nexyad’s platform is being used by insurers to provide recommendations to drivers and generate a risk profile.


“We found that the maps from HERE are accurate to the centimeter and constantly updated to the second. Every detail counts for us – the topography of the road, the exact positioning of the crossing, the location of a school. With our mission being to save lives, we cannot settle for anything less than the best,” says Mr. Gérard Yahiaoui, CEO of Nexyad. 

“Nexyad’sSafetyNex software is one of a kind – not only does it provide a score for the lack of caution of the driver, based on the environment in real-time, it also recommends an appropriate driving speed. This is the future for Predictive Automotive Cruise Control systems, insurers, and autonomous vehicles,” says Mr. Gilles Martinelli, Director of Automotive at HERE Technologies.