Neron Provides a Variety of Products Covering the Entire Spectrum of SIP...

Neron Provides a Variety of Products Covering the Entire Spectrum of SIP and Unified Communications

Neron Provides a Variety of Products Covering the Entire Spectrum of SIP and Unified Communications

Neron Informatics is a prominent designer, manufacturer and provider of premium unified communication products in India. Operating under the banner of ‘Make in India’, Neron specializes in improvising on the existing features and providing the advanced unified communication solutions. Offering a wide variety of products covering the entire spectrum of SIP and Unified Communication solutions, Neron Informatics renders solutions that help both the big and small businesses in enhancing their productivity and telecom infrastructure. Products & Solutions provided by Neron Informatics are robust and user-friendly. Extremely secure and reliable, they help reduce communication costs and heighten security protection.

Mr Dev Kumar, Co-Founder & CTO, Neron Informatics and VOIC Networks, comments, “We are focusing on promoting Neron productline in this 28th Convergence India Expo 2021. After thorough research we develop products that fulfill the exact needs of the customers. We have unified communications solutions including IP PBAX, cloud telephony, VoIP gates, etc. We offer solutions which include unified collaborations and we do R&D, manufacturing and customizing according to the needs of the customers. Some of our latest solutions have transformed the industry in a huge way. We are getting very good response from the visitors in this expo.” 

Neron Informatics has been recognized as a fast growing brand in Unified Communications. Neron has won the prestigious AEGIS Graham Bell Award 2017 for ‘Innovation in Green Telecom’ Category and Finalist Aegis Graham Bell Award in ‘Innovative Telecom Product’ 2019 for its project ‘Infanite’ CX. Neron believes in evolving with the changes in the telecom industry to ensure that products and services serve the telecommunication needs of the end customers in the best way.

Rohan Fernandes, Head - Alliances, VoIC Networks

Rohan Fernandes, Head – Alliances, VoIC Networks, shares, “In this Convergence event, we have demonstrated all our value-added product portfolio of different OEMs which included VoIP gateways, security solutions for cloud-based contact centers, and work from home user and on premise deployments. We have displayed here the entire portfolios of Synway, neron and Yealink. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, IP phone and peripherals market is a bit down as there were not many on on-premise deployments, but there is a good demand from work from home, cloud-based contact center and unified communication solutions segments.”

Neron’s products are famous for their supreme reliability and high-end quality. Neron aims to set new benchmarks in the unified communications segment by constantly striving to bolster the performance of their products. Neron’s strong belief in innovation and in the latest technology helped the brand to create of vast pool of satisfied clients and to expand their trade. Over the years, Neron has successfully gained the trust and confidence of millions of users through progressive approach. The brand is dedicated towards excelling in quality on timely basis and adapt to the changes that arise in the telecommunications industry.

Mr Dev Kumar

“We at Neron Informatics and VoIC Networks provide customer-specific networking solutions which help the clients streamline their businesses processes and improve efficiency. We strive to provide cost-effective, feature-rich unified communication solutions. Our distribution network is quite strong. While doing business with our partners, we maintain trust and transparency. Strong knowledge of the core technology is our main strength and that makes us different from others in the market,” concludes Mr Dev Kumar.