Meet the High-performance Requirements for Media Workloads with Infortrend’s EonStor GS Family

Meet the High-performance Requirements for Media Workloads with Infortrend’s EonStor GS Family


Infortrend® Technology, Inc., the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, has introduced EonStor GS family with the objective of helping small and medium studios to simplify collaborative editing workflows, operating with 4K and above ultra-high-definition media footages.

In today’s media editing workflow, it is essential that all media content, which often includes thousands of clips and hours of footage, is always accessible to the video editors.Therefore, the need for the highest transmission of performances,is a must. Hence, they have developed the purpose-built storage technology for media workloads that automatically identify the video formats and adjusts the read-ahead cache to achieve high throughput, overcome latency, and efficiently boost overall productivity.

GS provides redundant controller configuration for both active/standby single work group solution as well as active/active dual work group solution. They also offer one of the most cost-effective solutions that support 4K video streams of up to 34 playbacks, maximizing performance to the highest level at the best price/performance ratio.

Speaking about the product Mr. Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning said, “We at Infortrend strongly believe that the work of our customers/users should take place smoothly without any technical hindrance. Thus, our EonStor GS Family is a perfect answer for work which is dependent upon many data heavy files and contents to be edited upon.”

This design allows the video editors to have different media workloads on separate file systems running on each controller through a single chassis. The performance numbers for different work groups can be found in the tables below:


These figures correspond to the efficiency of EonStor GS family and speaks about the reliability of the products. Infortend always works with an objective to ease and assist the work of its customers/users.