Innovation is disrupting the projector and AV segment

Innovation is disrupting the projector and AV segment


In the past few years, there have been numerous developments in the projector and AV segments. Gone are the days when the projectors would be classified as a piece of office equipment only. The projector and AV segments have effectively entered the middle and higher middle-class homes as effective replacement to large-sized TV’s. Even though the technology in TV’s has evolved significantly, the overall innovation in the projector and AV segment is not left any far behind.

There have been different kinds of innovations in the industry based on which a retail customer’s interest has increased significantly in the past five years. In the context of the Indian market, the projector manufacturing companies are witnessing a sudden surge in demand, a good part of which could be attributed to household customers.

Attributed to Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma, Country Head, Optoma Corporation, India 

Earlier versions of projector had lamp life as an impediment, not any more. The latest range of projectors like Optoma Cinema P2 give assured life span of 30000 hours which in a way will give consumers more than 15 years of content watching if it is used 4-5 hours every day. 

In past projectors were always used in Dark Room. Situation is different now.New aged projectors are meant for living rooms and offer flawless performance and function like a TV. Once these Ultra Short Throw projectors are combined with ALR Screen (Ambient Light Rejecting Screen), they can function in high ambient light.

People also think that big size room is a prerequisite for projector. For new generation of Ultra Short Throw Projectors, to achieve 120” big screen, is merely a matter of few inches from the wall. The installation related issues are taken care of with smart APP’s. Now projector can be bought off the shelf and installed just like television.

The latest generation of projectors are portable enough to be carried from one room to another or for a picnic or to watch a match in balcony or courtyard. 

The projected screen is customizable. This means that a high-end projector could cater needs of a small family movie night as well as a group of 20-25 people as the output & projected loacation can be changed easily to suit the requirements. 

The projectors are more portable than before which implies that a single projector could cater to the multiple needs in the household. One could use it to watch a game in the living room and the same projector could be installed in a basement to watch a movie. Portability is achieved largely due to innovation. In recent times, the picture quality has also improved significantly as 4K  projectors have hit the market in last couple of years. This implies that the usage of projectors for movies and television would not be the end. Gaming would be another area where the high-resolution output is a prerequisite. 

Another factor that comes into play in favour of the projector and AV segment is the cost-benefit analysis. Unlike traditional televisions, projectors have lower cost (on a per-inch of screen basis). The cost-benefit ratio is outstanding as the running expense of managing a projector is nowhere close to what it used to be a few years ago. LED and 4K televisions still need a great deal of investment.  

There is a change in the way people perceived projectors and this is quite apparent that the projectors have clearly crossed the boundaries of offices and theaters. 

People have started using projectors for a variety of reasons. As the new age technology has solved the light source life issue of the projectors, we can see the increased adoption of projectors by households. 

Today, people want to have premium experience in everything they do. That’s why they are looking at projectors for home-theater, which are not only sophisticated in terms of technology, but also bring an unparalleled viewing experience. Also, the availability of easy and good quality 4K content, whether it is movies, OTT programs, and large-scale sporting events like football world cup or Olympics games, has driven the trend.  As compared to television and handheld devices, the innovations might have come late in the segment but they are very effective in changing landscape of the entire market.