Infortrend develops a Perfect Hybrid Cloud Solution of EonStor GS with Hitachi...

Infortrend develops a Perfect Hybrid Cloud Solution of EonStor GS with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)


Infortrend has developed a perfect cost-effective hybrid cloud solution of unified enterprise-class storage EonStor GS (GS) with the popular object storage Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).

Cross-regional department collaboration and accelerated move to remote work predefined the requirement of data access from any place. Enterprises are increasingly considering cloud integration of on-premises storage for ensuring business continuity. The GS high availability storage integrates SAN and NAS services as well as Cloud Gateway to connect to various cloud storages, including HCP.

Thanks to integrated EonCloud Gateway, enterprises can synchronize their file and block-level data between the GS and HCP with desired frequency, so that cross-regional team members or remote colleagues can get access via common protocols and effortlessly collaborate on the same files and applications.

The File access permissions and access control management between multiple GS systems can be easily managed to protect files integrity while multiple users from different offices are accessing the same files on the cloud. Enterprises can backup and synchronize all the data between GS and HCP, or they can implement GS as a cache for frequently accessed “hot” data with all the data migrated to the cloud. The GS hybrid cloud offers all the benefits of local and cloud storage, such as high throughput and low latency, SSL encryption and SED technology for data security, as well as unlimited cloud capacity with a “pay-as-you-grow” policy. Big Data analysis via cloud computing, cloud-integrated surveillance, server backup, easy file sharing between cross-regional offices, are the most common applications for the GS hybrid cloud.

Infortrend’s EonCloud Gateway is designed for enterprises to migrate their data between local storage and the clouds in a transparent manner, and provides connectivity to major cloud services such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, and more. EonCloud Gateway offers differentiated features such as cloud cache, backup and tiering for cloud data management.

“The GS hybrid cloud solution now offers seamless integration with Hitachi Content Platform. Such infrastructure combines advantages of high performance and data security of local storage and unlimited capacity of the cloud, simultaneously providing great cost-effectiveness compared to other vendors’ solutions,” said Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning.