Icewarp , global leader in developing business email & collaboration solutions leverages...

Icewarp , global leader in developing business email & collaboration solutions leverages tools to optimize growth


IceWarp is a software company located in Springfield, VA developing IceWarp Mail Server, an email, messaging and collaboration service for small, medium and enterprise level businesses. Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp, India & Middle East during a detailed conversation with NCN, discusses about the company’s vision, solutions, strategies for data securityand future trends.

What is the size of the company, vision, its solutions etc?

IceWarp is present across 50+ countries today. India is at the centre stage in terms of business, at the same time we are focusing on new sites in the Middle East region as well. With more than 1200+ customers in India today we are constantly hustling to change the face of the Indian Market. In a span of less than 6 years, we have garnered a modest number of small, medium and enterprise-level businesses that are witnessing how we have transformed the concept of how their teams share information online and collaborate internally and externally. For us, the top revenue drivers are BFSI, Pharma & Healthcare, Manufacturing, BPO’s.

Our vision is the motivating force behind what we do, i.e., to enable enterprises across industry with seamless communication and team collaboration without worrying about their security. Also, Icewrap wants to spread a word about the importance of adopting the business email and collaboration solution not only in the pandemic situations, but generally as well.  With our solutions like Business email, TeamChat for project teamwork, real-time office document collaboration, online meetings and many other features, we aim to empower the organizations to be prepared to manage the connectivity with their employees and clients anytime and anywhere.

What are the strategies adopted for security of data?

Security of data has been the major concern during the Pandemic and the fluctuating lockdown has pushed the organization further to prioritize WFH culture keeping security measures at the top. Security is certainly the utmost important feature that an organization looks for. Even for the coming times, IceWarp ensures the organization’s data safety, with smartly designed secured collaboration tools and systems.

Our platform provides an end-to-end encryption and password protection to the organizations, enabling the team to join conference calls and meetings with a secured interface. Also, our Password protection feature makes all the company calls private, protecting the conversation from unwelcomed attendees. Also, we offer the best-in-class as Advanced Threat Protection Security from CISCO integrated with our platforms.

How has the pandemic accelerated your business?

Specialising in hybrid implementations, the company envisages that the current work from home scenario has led to smaller enterprises realising the need for effective collaboration solutions and an increase in adoption.

Since the pandemic enforced lockdown in the country, we have witnessed an unprecedented increase in the demand for our solution. Earlier most of the organizations were not prepared with technology solutions, leading to massive challenges initially across industry. Today, most of the organizations are concerned about the teams working and how to be on track even with remote working. Hence, many businesses have revised their IT strategies where secured communication is important and of utmost priority.

Hence, being a global leader in developing business email and collaboration solutions, IceWarp has witnessed a growth of collaboration solutions by 60% among its new as well and existing customers.  Our company has witnessed 2-way growth – one, where existing customers who were using plain vanilla email adopted Collaborative Platform. Second, new customers looked for a cost-effective alternative to solution providers like GSuite,O365 and other players.

Could you describe your clientele?

IceWarp has been empowering large and small organizations across varied industries like Pharma & Healthcare, BFSI, BPO’s, Manufacturing, Retail, etc., with our all-in-one E-mail and Collaboration Suite to achieve optimum teamwork without any security breach or hurdle. Our Customers are leveraging our services like Business email, TeamChat for project teamwork, real-time office document collaboration, online meetings and many more such features which are currently in demand to support remote working.

How important are the channel partners to your organization?

Channel partners are core to our DNA and they provide real value to organizations having the need of a Secure Mailing and Collaboration solution for their workforce and additionally provide implementation, migration, training and support to our customer network to ensure smooth process in our business.

What are the future trends in India that you see in Indian market and the growth opportunities?

One thing is already clear that the pandemic has enabled the greatest transformation in a very less time than we anticipated in comparison to the previous industrial revolutions. In times to come, we believe collaboration among team members will continue to grow and will become a blend of remote, virtual, and physical presence. Another trend that we see here is that leveraging collaboration tools will remain an essential part as WFH is anticipated to prolong. And lastly, Hybrid is going to be the future of work.