Dynopii, Indian AI startup unveils speech accent changer: Computex 2021

Dynopii, Indian AI startup unveils speech accent changer: Computex 2021

Dynopii, Indian AI startup unveils speech accent changer Computex 2021

Dynopii, an Indian startup which has created effortless & personalized customer experiences with the best-in-class AI-powered digital and voice automation has announced a real-time speech accent changer at the ongoing virtual Computex Taipei 2021, according to Digitimes research.

The main aim of the organisation is to make it simple for consumers to do business by redefining how artificial intelligence and human insight enable personalized, predictive and effortless customer experiences.

The real time speech accent changer is capable of delivering personalised customer engagement on the channel of your customer’s choice and give your team the tools to make every moment count.

It aims to help solution centres address the pain points of communicating with customers carrying different accents.

AI-powered digital and speech accent changer, dubbed Dhwani platform, helps in working while one is doing live calls, meetings, and discussions, and can change the voice to any local accent based on the user’s needs.

Moreover, unlike voice cloning or lip syncing adopted in other similar solutions, Dhwani platform will neither change a user’s original language nor generate new words not spoken by the user, but just conducts a real-time change of the accent of user’s original words.

Initially, the company will promote its latest software platform on a B2B basis, and many clients in India have signed letters of intent for trial use of the solution.