Despite the Challenges Posed by Pandemic, Savex Technologies Keeps its Business, Channel...

Despite the Challenges Posed by Pandemic, Savex Technologies Keeps its Business, Channel and Supplies Get Going

Mr. Atul Gaur, DIrector, Savex Technologies

Savex Technologies Pvt Ltd is the 3rd largest Information and Communication Technology Distributor in India. Headquartered in Mumbai, Savex has 107 sales offices and 42 stock locations across the country catering to over 12000 customers every month in over 750 cities. Savex works with the best breed of vendors and has a supply chain driven by dedicated and adept channel partners. In an interaction with NCN, Mr. Atul Gaur, DIrector, Savex Technologies shares his views on how Savex is dealing with the challenges in the current scenario of pandemic and how they keep their channel, supplies and business going. 


Q. How has the pandemic affected your business and what have you learned?

Pandemic hit us hard, akin to puncturing a well-paced moving vehicle on a freeway. None in general, including us, were well prepared for long and devastating effects of it (both in our personal and professional lives). The psychological impact of the pandemic has also been severe. On the business front, good acumen prevailed. For example, just before the announcement of the first lockdown on 23rd March 2020, our CTO Mr. Devang Pandya could anticipate the same and took many remedial measures to help facilitate the WFH (Work From Home) needs and requirements for our teams. Not only he made sure that almost every individual of the company was given a laptop, but also ensured remote workable secure connections. Who had then thought that this will be the way forward for the next 18 to 24 months and may be for some of us permanently? Every problem in life also presents a window of solution and opportunity. Our case was no different. At Savex, we first focused on:

  1. Health of all those within and outside of our ecosystem and supported them generously. Be it related to food for the needy, masks for all or for ensuring vaccinations for all our employees. We even supported the mental health-related interventions by doctors for our employees.
  2. On the business front: 1. During the pandemic, we realized the importance of ecommerce and digital platforms and took decisive measures to support business through our ecommerce platform and also through pure play etailers; 2. Soaring Work From Home demands helped in augmenting the computing business while the enterprise side showed some signs of slowing down; 3. We also saw the need for Cloud services growing and expedited our investments in the area.

The pandemic has taught us that EMPATHY is a great virtue and ATTITUDE TO SERVE & SUPPORT should always be of paramount importance.


Q. How did you face the challenges in the channel management during the pandemic and what is Savex’s current focus?

Savex focus areas are building SERVICES (Professional and Cloud) and ENTERPRISE BUSINESS through partners in the country. On the consumer side, Savex continues to reach the users through our exclusive BRAND COMMERCE (Exclusive Online Stores), Omni channel and Endless Aisle play. We realized that channel is a central factor in all of our activities. Relationship, Support, Enablement and Credit facilitation have been the key drivers in our channel management strategy. We kept our focus on bringing cutting-edge technologies and are providing whatever help we could to enable the channel community to prosper and progress. Ups and downs are part of every business and the reasons could be external or internal reasons, but it is necessary we remain supportive and encouraging. This has been at the center of our philosophy.


Q. You personally have a vast experience in the ICT distribution business. What changes have you brought at Savex, keeping your experience in mind?

The fastest growing IT/CE Distribution Company during the last decade has been Savex. This would not have been possible without our insightful working and the willing support of our partners. The area where we as a team are focussed is the effective delivery of our value proposition. There are many areas where Savex is investing, such as building robust processes, platforms to do b2b/b2c opex/capex based e-commerce, Automation in processes, Financial solutions, Marketing and Analytics. Externally speaking, our bouquet of products and services is constantly being enhanced, while M&A activities and geographic expansion is also being rolled out in line with our vision of growth.


Q. What are the strategies you implemented for motivating your channel partners?

Hygiene in our business is the single most important factor. While our endeavour is to deliver state-of-the-art services for helping the business growth, we are also cognizant of the fact that human touch can never be lost. So accessibility of our sales teams and senior management to the partners for any issue is at the center of our strategy. We always try to remain physically approachable and close to our channel as far as possible. Channel in India has matured. What keeps them motivated is HIGH CLASS SERVICE LEVELS, WHENEVER NEEDED PERSONALIZED ATTENTION, BOUQUET OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND SERVICES, and MARKETING SUPPORT. Savex aspires to be the numero uno in these areas. 


Q. During this tough time, how are you handling the vendor pressure? 

Yes, times have been tough indeed. Pandemic has caused changes in selling cycles; caused inventory mismatches and pressures have been high in managing working capital. Vendors are under pressure too because of erratic behaviours in consumption demands. It is both push and pull which have been working to meet the common objectives.


Q. What are your plans on building a strong distribution ecosystem?

As I mentioned earlier, Savex has probably the best and unmatched distribution reach and footprint (sales offices and warehouses) in the country. We continue to remain focused on Tier 2, 3, and 4 cities of India which are showing high growth in terms of ICT business. We observe that the ease of ordering, information related to availability, training and cloud based SAAS and IAAS services would continue to help build a strong ecosystem for distribution of products and services.


Q. What strategies are implemented by Savex for upgrading the sales? Are you planning to go global? 

Expansion of our portfolio of Products and Services, Inorganic expansion through M&A activities, Geo expansion are our key growth pillars. But equally important is sales automation, training and enablement and Savex is strongly focused on both sides of the coin. We have no immediate plans to go global but expansion within the SAARC region is surely on way.